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An Essential Guide to Nike Running Shoes for Men

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Nike has a long history when it comes to athletic shoes. Their many different lines of running shoes are no exception. While the Nike company was formed in 1964 and made many different sneakers suitable for running, they formally started their running shoe division in 1987. Ever since, this division has focused on making athletic shoes that optimize performance for all types of runners. The problem is that it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of running shoe that you need. It is heavily dependent on what specific type of running you do. The terrain conditions and the weather you typically run in will also be a factor.

What kinds of features should

I look for in Nike running shoes for men?

Nike offers a wide variety of features with options for almost every type of runner. However, not all styles will work equally well for everyone. When choosing a running shoe, consider four things: Foot shape, gait, purpose, and special considerations. Foot shape includes arch height, foot width, and things like length of toes. You want something that supports arches that need it without hurting feet that don't. Feet also come in shapes like straight or highly curved, with long and short toes, all of which plays a role in choosing the right style for your feet. Nike offers their recommendations on styles for each foot shape on their manufacturer website. Gait is classified by the way your foot curves when you step; if you roll out, you supinate and if you roll inward, you pronate. They classify their shoes for pronators, supinators, or average gaits. Again, Nike lists their gait recommendations on their website.

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Purpose will help you decide on other features of the shoe from traction to weight. For any kind of long-distance running shoes, you want to make sure that your sneakers are a balance between lightweight and supportive. Nike offers a number of styles of support, from barefoot running where support is minimal to high-support air based shoes that are heavier but offer a lot of stability and cushion. This is a great option for newer runners who may hit their heels hard or runners who are heavier. The running shoes you get also need to have the right grip for the terrain that you are running on. Road shoes and other flat terrain running shoes need to have decent grip so that they don't unintentionally slide. Trail running shoes will need a bit more grip for steep, rocky terrain.

Special considerations will include any other choices between the different Nikes that work for your foot shape, gait, and purpose. This can include aesthetic choices like colorways or style but it can also include a preference of the feel when you run in a free cushion as compared to an Air Max cushion.

What are the different types of

men's running shoes that Nike offers?

Men's road running shoes are the most common type of running sneakers that Nike offers. These shoes are made to handle long runs on pavement. If you are looking to take your runs on a more adventurous path, trail runners for men would be more beneficial. These are sneakers with extra protection and support for rough terrain. Many pairs of these sneakers are also waterproof. For people who prefer something a bit more minimal with maximum flexibility, Nike also offers free run sneakers. This is as close as you can get to running barefoot as you can get.

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What kind of materials are Nike running shoes for men made out of?

Nike running shoes for men are made from many different types of material and is highly dependent on the type of running shoe. Typically, the uppers of their shoes are made from synthetic leather, suede, and nylon mesh. The upper can be just one of these materials but are sometimes a combination of them. Road shoes will use nylon mesh more often due to lighter weight, breathability, and flexibility. Trail running shoes will use leather or synthetic leather more often for added protection in rougher environments. Compared to road sneakers, trail running shoes will usually have thicker material for additional support, especially around the ankle and toes. Nike shoes also use EVA and blown rubber for durable soles. They also use proprietary materials like specialized sole inserts and air pods for extra impact absorption.

Are Nike running shoes for men fashionable?

While Nike running shoes for men are typically made with performance in mind, they are still aesthetically pleasing. While they won't work in any kind of formal situations, Nike running shoes can fit many casual outfits and streetwear styles. Depending on your preference, you can wear a subtle, monotone shoe or something bright and attention-seeking.

Should I get a dedicated running shoe or a pair of cross training sneakers?

While men's training sneakers can be used for running, the gym, and some casual sports, they typically aren't as specialized as a good pair of running shoes. Running shoes tend to be a bit lighter than your average cross training sneaker. Running shoes also have more focus on supporting your natural gait. Road shoes will also usually be more flexible than your average cross trainers.

While cross trainers have their appeal of being versatile, if you are planning to run regularly as your primary form of exercise, it is a good idea to have a specialized shoe that supports that activity.

What's great about many specialized running shoes, they can actually perform decently as cross trainers. With the exception of heavy duty trail runners, you can wear running shoes to the gym and even play some casual outdoor sports in them. Running shoes used as cross trainers will usually perform better than cross trainers used for running.

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Running Shoes vs. Cross Training Sneakers

Running Shoes Cross Training Sneakers
Weight Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Medium Weight and Lightweight
Gait Support Strong Gait Support Normal Gait Support
Flexibility Typically Very Flexible Tends To Be Less Flexible

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