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Nike Rubber Upper Shoes for Men

Nike Rubber Shoes for Men

Nike is one of the most influential and popular brands in the world. Everyone, from basketball players to moms, can find Nike shoes for them. Nike athletic shoes commonly use rubber soles, as it helps to cushion the foot bead and makes sports performance less abrasive. Rubberized soles also give more bounce, which is beneficial, particularly for running shoes and basketball shoes where that can make a big difference.

While Nike offers specialized shoes for sports, they also have shoes that are strictly for leisure, like their sandals. You would never wear these shoes on the basketball court, as they do not have as much support and have exposed toes and ankles. Other shoes Nike makes for leisure include sneakers and flip-flops.

How is Rubber Beneficial?

  • Rubber is the key ingredient in nearly all athletic shoes. It is resilient and bouncy, and nearly indestructible. This means that a
  • Athletes can have the benefit of a forward trajectory, or bounce, and not have to worry about the soles breaking. This is especially helpful for making better running shoes.
  • Leather soles previously used were hard and noisy. They did not mold to the shape of your foot.

What Other Materials Go into Nike Rubber Shoes?

While some Nike shoes are made entirely of rubber, like some sandals, flip-flops, and slippers, the majority have other materials that compliment this bouncy material.

  • Uppers often use fabric and synthetic materials, as well as leather. These upper materials provide a tight and comfortable fit around the top part of your foot and have enough give to make sure the soles can expand and contract.
  • Plastics sometimes go into embellishments and ankle support, but are not the most common material due to its rigidity.
  • People who are vegan and do not use animal products can easily find styles that do not use leather from Nike, even in niche categories like basketball shoes.

Are Nike Shoes Only for Sports?

  • Although they make excellent running shoes, and basketball shoes, people most commonly use Nikes as casual everyday wear. You can see them walking the streets of New York City and kicking around in your cousins closet.
  • Nike did not become a multi-billion dollar company by just selling running shoes. In fact, many shoe styles are for streetwear, even featuring different designs. You would never see a running shoe designed like a casual sneaker because the needs are different. However, some people do enjoy wearing Nike basketball shoes even when not playing the sport because they are comfortable and attractive. Certain styles are not appropriate for sports activities, like sandals and flip-flops.

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