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Shopping for NORD Electronic Keyboards on eBay

Whether you're a songwriter, performer, or producer, a high-quality keyboard is a must. NORD's high-quality, Swedish-made keyboards are an industry favorite that combines realistic keys with world-class onboard effects; performing with one is like having several pianos and an array of stompbox effects on stage with you. Here's how to choose yours on eBay.

Choosing a key-action style

Especially if you play live, choosing keys with realistic piano action is a necessity. Affordable NORD keyboards come in two styles of key action; hammer action and weighted keys. If you're someone who usually plays on an acoustic piano, hammer action may be preferable. This means that keys are weighted like those of an acoustic piano. Bass keys are heavier, while treble keys are lighter. This also means the keys respond like the keys on an acoustic piano would.

On the other hand, weighted keys have equal weight at both ends of the keyboard. Generally speaking, hammer action models are more expensive than weighted keys are. If you're someone unfamiliar with acoustic pianos or just a very versatile player, then weighted keys may be worth the cost savings. Neither of these action styles is necessarily worse than the other; your choice comes down to what makes playing easier.

Which keyboard size do you need?

As you shop for good-condition NORD keyboards, you probably will notice that they come in a few different keyboard sizes. Which size is right for you depends on the type of playing you do. If you play live and need a wider octave range, the larger NORD keyboards with 88 keys may be better suited for you. However, if you'd prefer a more portable size, NORD's 73-key models still offer a decent range. And if you primarily need a keyboard for producing, NORD also offers a 49-key synthesizer.

Choosing necessary effects

Part of the appeal of NORD keyboards is their wealth on onboard effects. While you can also always add effects with external effects pedals, having onboard effects saves you the additional expense. Plus, if you tour or otherwise frequently play live, having all or most of your effects housed in the keyboard saves stage space and setup time. Here are some of the possible effects to choose from:

  • Modulation effects: These include ring modulation, tremolo, and wah effects.
  • Delay: This effect can add a unique sense of sonic space, especially when coupled with modulation.
  • Amplifier modeling: This feature effectively gives you multiple amps. You can sound like you're playing through a Wurlitzer, a Fender Twin Reverb, and more.
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