Motocross & Off-Road Gear

Motocross and Off-Road Gear

Prepare yourself for outdoor adventures when you show off your quality motocross off-road gear. Motocross racing offers you hours of fun, excitement, and fulfillment, and road-racing accessories can make these experiences safer. Whether you need gloves, jerseys, footwear, or machine-related gear, off-road riding gear provides you with important benefits.

What types of outerwear are there?

Motocross gear serves many purposes, one of which is to provide a sense of style. That said, outerwear should be protective as well as expressive. Here are some of your riding outerwear options:

  • Riding pants - Look for long riding pants constructed from materials like heavy-duty denim, leather, nylon, or even Kevlar.
  • Riding boots - These should consist of durable, skid-resistant materials that provide extra support for your ankles and shins.
  • Riding gloves - Effective models will have extra protection over your fingers, palms, and hand joints, and they may have extended gauntlets.
  • Riding suits - There are also tailor-made full-body riding suits. Made for professional competition, these often feature built-in body armor over sensitive areas.
  • Cold weather gear - You will want cold weather gear that provides adequate insulation and protection. Durable materials like Gore-Tex should be on the list. Gore-Tex allows your sweat to evaporate while simultaneously keeping moisture out.

What should you look for in off-road racing gloves?

Gloves are essential for off-roading. They not only look great, but they ensure optimal comfort and safety in the most rigorous riding conditions. Here are a few qualities to look for:

  • Stretchy material: Whether its polyester or another material, you need to have gloves that are stretchy enough for you to maintain the full mobility of your hands.
  • Padding: Padding is essential for riding gloves, particularly around the palms and the knuckles.
  • A snug fit: Riding gloves shouldnt be so tight as to cut off your circulation, but they shouldnt be loose enough to slide, either. Hook-and-loop wrist closures are great for gloves, as they can strap on and adjust to provide a secure fit.
  • Aesthetic benefits: Of course, your gloves arent just functional. They should also look good. Myriad colors are available, so choose a color that complements the rest of your riding gear, your bike, or your general sense of style.

What are some major brands of motocross gear?

There are many brands to choose from when youre in need of gear for off-roading or Motocross vehicle racing, but some of the major contenders include names like Fox Racing, ONeal, Troy Lee Designs, Alpinestars and Fly Racing. There are many others to choose from as well, so be sure to view all of your options and determine which brand offers the qualities youre looking for in your race boots, gloves, or pants.