Modern Home Décor Mirrors

Modern Home Decor Mirrors

Modern decorative mirrors for the home come in a range of sizes and framing options as well as frameless designs. Wall mirrors and floor mirrors can be used in many rooms of the home, such as in the bedroom for getting dressed or in the living room to complement your other decorative items. These modern mirrors fit well into homes that have a contemporary theme to the decor.

What are the features of modern home decor mirrors?
  • Support frame for use on the floor: Floor mirrors have sturdy frames with legs that are made to sit on the floor. These mirrors often swivel so that you can view yourself at an angle. Some of the mirrors have true-to-size glass on one side and glass with magnification on the other side.
  • Hangers for mounting on the wall: The backs of wall mirrors typically have metal hangers so that they can be hung on the wall. The hangers of modern mirrors may consist of a bar or a loop that wraps around the heads of nails. They may also have mounting holes for screws or bolts.
  • Decorative finish around the glass: Wall mirrors for contemporary household decor often have an aesthetically pleasing finish around the mirrored surface. The mirrors finish may have a black, antique, or white color. The wall mirrors finish may also use shiny nail heads, upholstery with tufts and buttons, or natural stone or pottery pieces.
How do you choose a modern wall mirror?
  • Select a style: Select a contemporary or antique style of floor, tabletop, or wall mirror.
  • Choose a shape: Mirrors are available in round, rectangular, square, hexagonal, and oval shapes. The frame design typically follows the same construction as the mirror. However, there are also round mirrors with square frames and oval mirrors with rectangular frames.
  • Select a frame color: A mirrors frame may be solid black, white, silver, bronze, gold, or another color. A frameless design is also available for a round mirror or rectangular mirror. Frameless mirrors are often used in bathrooms.
What are the frame materials for modern mirrors?
  • Wood: A wall mirror for the living room, conservatory, or bedroom may have a frame made of oak, pine, maple, hickory, or redwood. The wood may be coated with a clear sealant, stained to enhance its natural color, or painted black or another color.
  • Metallic: Modern mirrors may also have a frame made of metals such as copper, cast iron, pewter, stainless steel, or steel alloy with a bronze finish. The wall mirror with a metallic frame may have additional features such as scrolls, flowers, or geometric designs.
  • Plastic, acrylic, and resin: Wall mirrors that need to be lighter in weight may be constructed with a plastic, acrylic, or resin frame. A plastic frame may be a solid color such as black or white, or it may have stripes, dots, or prints. Acrylic and resin wall mirror frames can be molded to take on a circular, hexagonal, or free-form configuration. They can also have fanciful touches like scalloped edges.