Moccasin Slippers for Men

Moccasin Slippers for Men

Moccasins are shoes or slippers that are made out of deerskin, sheepskin, suede, or soft leather. They are designed to be casual, lightweight, and easy to put on. They can be a complement to weekend or casual outfits, but you can also match it with smart casual attire.

What styles of moccasins are available?

While moccasin shoes are made for both men and women, they are usually marketed for men. One of the most common variations is the camp moccasin slipper, which has a casual look. Their design looks loose and rugged.

The driving moc has a more formal look, with some looking similar to loafers. As the name suggests, the driving moc was designed in Italy to be worn while driving. To fulfill its purpose, they come with grips on the sole and heel to facilitate control over your car pedals.

The moccasin slippers are primarily designed to be worn around the house. Like most house slippers, they are easy to slip on, and do not have a hard sole on the bottom.

What kinds of soles are available?

Aside from the core style and its variations, you need to also consider the sole. You have to think about what you will be wearing the moccasin for, and choose soles that supports the purpose. Here is a list of the different soles you will find.

  • Soft sole - This sole is made for shoes you wear in your home. It is lightweight and is designed primarily for comfort.
  • Double bottom soft sole - This sole is an option for moccasins you plan on wearing outside. The double bottom gives it proper protection from rougher surfaces.
  • Boat sole - These soles are designed to ensure that it does not create scuff marks on a boats deck. The patterned soles also provide extra grip for wet surfaces.
  • Crepe sole - The crepe sole provides more traction than regular soles and is designed for wet weather conditions.
  • Boot style soles - The design for this type has higher tops, is bulkier, and has thick rubber soles.
How do you fit yourself for a moccasin?

Moccasin slippers and shoes tend to conform to the size of your feet after some time due to the soft leather or suede fabric. That is why it is important to pick a size that is not too loose. If your shoe size tends to vary depending on the type of shoe you are wearing, you should go for the smaller size. Even if it is a little tight in the beginning, the shoes will eventually stretch out and adapt to your feet. This will ensure that you get the proper size and support.