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About Michael Kors Heels

The day might belong to the flat and the functional — but the night belongs to an alluring pair of Michael Kors heels. The American sportswear designer beloved for his brand of jet-set chic knows how to create heels that get noticed (and plenty of Instalikes). Watch VIP ropes part magically for the Paloma suede platforms and heads turn approvingly to gaze at the signature MK patent leather pump.
Whether the evening involves sky-high gold blocks, vampy stilettoes, coquettish kittens or power platforms, it is instantly elevated by the designer’s glam-centric craftsmanship and that iconic MK logo that represents it.
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Michael Kors Heels for Women

A well-known luxury brand that creates everything from purses to boots to dresses, Michael Kors is known for its timeless style and modern fashions. It offers heels in an array of styles, as well as materials to complement every womans mood and style aesthetic and to refine her daily wardrobe. More interesting, chic, and dressy than flats, Michael Kors heels instantly add glamour to any look.

What Are Some Michael Kors Heel Styles?

What makes Michael Kors shoes for women so interesting is the variety of styles. For women who enjoy wearing high heels, pumps are no longer the only option, and heel heights vary from low to high for comfort as well as for a change of environment. The MICHAEL Michael Kors shoe line features different silhouettes that include heels.

  • Pumps Styles: The most classic type of heel, MICHAEL Michael Kors creates pumps in multiple height options and designs, including classic patent leather heels with a three-inch high heel or peep-toe pumps with a low heel.
  • Sandals Styles: Sandals get a lift with heels. Michael Kors creates dressy sandals that come in shades of gold, silver, or neutral black or white, with accents that include rhinestones, bows, glitter, or buckles.
  • Wedge Styles: Meant for casual and summer wear, Michael wedges, along with espadrilles, are typically sandals with a block, platform-style heel. Michael Kors wedges may be made of cork, rope, or wood, with shoe designs that feature leather or canvas.

What Materials Comprise Michael Kors Shoes?

Michael Kors uses authentic, genuine materials and fabrics to craft all its accessories, including its shoes. The brands footwear comes in many material options to meet every style need.

  • Leather Shoes: A classic choice, leather is featured in many Michael Kors designs, including pumps, slingbacks, and kitten options. Colors vary, from neutral black and tan to more colorful red to snakeskin-leather styles.
  • Suede Styles: Soft and smooth, suede makes up multiple Michael Kors footwear styles, such as dress sandals, pumps, and peep-toe designs.
  • Canvas Options: Youll find canvas Michael shoes in a range of looks meant for more casual wear, such as espadrilles, platforms, and other types of sandals.

What Are Some Michael Kors Options?

When it comes to footwear with height, MICHAEL Michael Kors offers several noteworthy styles in each category. These designs are meant to be timeless and trendy no matter what the season is, and since theyre made with only premium materials, Michael pumps and other designs last beyond one season.

  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Claire: This traditional, classic pump is a mainstay of the collection. Crafted in a variety of styles, including peep-toe, these leather pumps come in colors like white, tan, and gold.
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Damita: This leather Michael sandal features a canvas sole, a zip-up design, and size options that range from 5 to 11.
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Simone: A design meant for nighttime wear, the Simone comes in metallic, glittering, and patent-leather options to dress up any outfit.

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