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Maytag Refrigerator and Freezer Parts and Accessories

Maytag manufactures appliances for the residential and commercial markets. Among the products it manufactures are refrigerators and freezers. There are also a number of OEM and aftermarket products that have been designed to be used with the appliances.

What types of refrigerator accessories are there?

There are many accessories made for refrigerators, including the following:

  • Water filters: Water filters can be installed in your refrigerator. The filters are designed to clean the water by removing sediment and other materials from it.
  • Handles: There are various door handle parts that can be installed. They come in many different shapes and finishes.
  • Shelves and racks: These parts allow you to change your refrigerator by installing bins, wine racks, door shelves, egg holders, and more.
  • Other: There are many other parts to help optimize your refrigerator to fit your preferences. These include door top caps, trim kits, herb containers, and more.
What do ice maker kits come with?

Ice maker kits generally include a large bucket to catch the ice, the ice maker itself, and a bag for the parts. These kits also come with a water valve to connect the ice maker to the water system or filter.

What kinds of light bulbs are there for refrigerators?

There are many light bulbs designed for freezers and refrigerators. It is important to pick one that is the same size and type as the one supplied with the refrigerator. The bulbs come in different wattages, including 10-, 25-, and 40-watt bulbs, and the sizes of the bases range from smaller screw-in styles to larger ones. The easiest way to pick a new bulb is to examine the old bulb or search for the right bulb based on your specific appliance.

How do you install a water filter in a refrigerator?

The process may vary slightly depending on the filter and model of your Maytag refrigerator and/or freezer, but here is an overview of the process.

  1. Open the filter compartment that is generally located on the ceiling of the refrigerator or freezer.
  2. Unscrew the filter to remove it. Make sure to close the water valve to prevent water from pouring out.
  3. Dispose of the old filter and wipe up excess water from the refrigerator or freezer.
  4. Place the new filter into the compartment in the same spot and screw it into the valve.
  5. Get rid of air bubbles in the filter by running the water through the filter until it comes out in a smooth stream.
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