Womens Nursing Clothing

When breastfeeding a baby, a mom may want to be able to feed the infant without having to do a complete clothes change or take off her pajamas when nursing a baby at night. Nursing garments such as sleepwear, dresses, or shirts make it easier to access the breast while still being discreet. Breastfeeding women can also dress in the nursing garments when using a breast pump to express milk.

What are the styles of womens nursing tops and clothes?

  • V-neck tops - V-neck tops or a nursing dress with a deep neckline typically have snaps or a Velcro strip to bring down a flap of the clothes for breastfeeding the baby.
  • Flowing and loose nursing shirts - Flowing and loose nursing tops are stylish, especially in the immediate postpartum period when the womans chest is still increasing in size. These clothes usually have snaps or a slit pocket to expose the breast for nursing the baby.
  • Wrap shirt - A wrap shirt for breastfeeding usually uses a double layer of stretchy fabric to expose the nursing bra. Some of these styles of tops have a built-in bra for ease of breastfeeding. A dress for nursing can also be made in this way.
  • Button-down blouse - A button-down shirt for breastfeeding may have a slit with hook and loop tape or snaps in order to facilitate nursing the baby.
  • Tank top - A tank top for breastfeeding often has a built-in bra and snaps that release one side of the bra area. It could be paired with a cardigan or hoodie when additional warmth is needed. A nursing tank top is also sometimes worn as sleepwear.

What materials are womens nursing clothes made from?

  • Cotton - Clothes made of cotton are comfortable and breathable. A T-shirt, tank top, dress, or nursing bra could be made from cotton.
  • Cotton blend - A cotton blend is another option for nursing tops and nursing bras. The cotton is usually blended with a stretchy material such as Spandex.
  • Viscose - Viscose is flattering and typically used for a nursing shirt or dress.
  • Polyester - Polyester is a stretchy fabric used for postpartum and maternity clothes and bras. It is easy to machine wash and dry.

How do you choose a size of womens nursing bra?

After delivering a baby, a womans cup size increases by one to three sizes once her milk comes in. Some women find that they need a bra that is several cup sizes larger. To measure your nursing or maternity bra size, use a cloth tape measure and put it around your ribs under your bosom. This is the band width that you need, such as 38 inches. The other measurement that you need is around the fullest part of your bosom. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number. Each inch of difference is one cup size. One inch is an A cup, two inches is a B cup, three inches is a C cup, and so forth for United States bra sizes.