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Matco Tools Automotive Hand Wrenches

Matco hand wrenches and other tools are useful for diagnostic technicians and auto repair specialists. There are many Matco tools suitable for small engine and auto adjustment. From ratcheting to reversible adjustable wrenches, Matco excels in both craftsmanship and variety.

Does Matco have a full range of hand wrenches?

Yes, one product offered is a full set of flex-head combination wrenches. The 16 pieces range from 8 millimeters to 15 millimeters, and they come with a holder for the complete set. Theres a full line of open-angle wrenches that includes seven-piece and 14-piece sets. Specialty wrenches are also available, such as fuel filter wrenches, distributor wrenches, and oxygen sensor wrenches.

Does Matco have ratcheting wrenches?

Yes, theres a wide selection of them as well as double wrenches and reversible combination wrenches. One handy tool is the four-in-one socket ratchet multi-tool that includes a bit driver. Its a versatile tool for many auto repairs.

Does Matco carry adjustable wrenches?

Yes, you can find a variety of them, including an entire set. The heat-treated jaws are made of steel and there are four sizes in a complete set. The fastener scale on them is laser-etched for durability. They also make a 12-inch reversible adjustable wrench thats useful for larger pipes, nuts, and other cylinders.

What kinds of torque wrenches are made by Matco?

Socket wrenches come in 60- and 90-pound capability. Theyre designed to prevent over-tightening of wheel and lug nuts. The handheld electronic wrench is designed to work without an angle meter. Some Matco wrenches have a click that indicates when torque has been reached and a locking collar to keep measurements from slipping.

Are Matco Tools made with metric or imperial measurements?

Both of these measurements are available, depending on your preference. Some equipment and vehicles require metric tools for adjustment, and others are calibrated to inches. Matco Tools provides both kinds to suit any type of work environment.

What are automotive ratcheting sets?

Flex ratcheting wrenches have 72 teeth, and the heads on the 10-piece set will reach an extended range of locations. These wrenches are suitable for tightening and loosening square, spline, and torch bolts and even up to half of round bolts. Like other Matco wrench sets, they come with a heavy-duty fitted carrying case.

What kinds of specialty sets does Matco have?

One of the specialty tool sets is the 81-piece auto technician tap and die set. These tools come in rapid-changing forward and reverse directions. They can be used without flipping the tool over, and theyre resistant to fracturing. There are several pieces in addition to the standard sizes found in most sets.