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A Basic Guide to Masonic and Freemasonry Collectibles

While no one is sure when Freemasonry began, most believe that Freemasonry started long before King Solomon built his temple. Most members belong to a Masonic lodge where they gather regularly with other members. Freemasons wear a variety of objects containing symbols to show other Freemasons that they are proud members.

How do you know what size Mason ring to buy?

You can measure your Masonic ring size at home with a ruler and a thin strip of paper. It helps to have a Freemason brother help you. Wrap the paper around the finger where you plan to wear the ring. Carefully make a mark at the point where the paper intersects and use a ruler to measure that distance. If your measurement is:

  • 1.8 inches, order size 4
  • 1.93 inches, order size 5
  • 2.06 inches, order size 6
  • 2.125 inches, order size 7
  • 2.25 inches, order size 8
  • 2.31 inches, order size 9
  • 2.43 inches, order size 10
  • 2.56 inches, order size 11
  • 2.61 inches, order size 12
  • 2.75 inches, order size 13
  • 2.85 inches, order size 14
What details are on the Mason's pin?

One of the first things that many Masons buy is their pin. While some lodges give it to their Freemasonry members, others require Freemasonry members to purchase their own Mason's pin.

The Freemason pin shows two columns standing for King Solomon's Temple. Most Masonic pins also have a blazing star in the top center showing that they believe that a deity is watching over them. Below the star is a book of religion. It can be the Bible, Quran, or other religious book based on the member's belief.

On the right and left of most Masonic pins are straight lines standing for John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

What is a Mason's ring?

Most Masons do not get their Masonic rings until they reach Freemasonry's third degree. The Mason's ring is also called the Blue Lodge Masonic Ring or the Masonic Signet Ring. While these Freemasons' rings can have slight variations, most show a compass on top of a square.

  • The square represents the square of virtue. The mason wearing the ring promises to live a virtuous life.
  • The compass on the Freemason's ring shows that you are willing to let your god guide you. A compass is used because it was an important tool for early stonemasons who were influential in the founding of Freemasonry.

Some Freemason rings have a G on them, standing for God. Masons may choose to wear Freemason tie tacks, Freemason cuff links, Freemason watches, and many other Freemason items at the Masons lodge and in daily life.

What should you consider when buying Mason's collectibles on eBay?

When you're looking for Masonic and Freemasonry collectibles on eBay, you can shop by category. Categories include rings and watches, jewels and medals, cuff links and pins, aprons and regalia, books/publications, belts and belt buckles, and more. Masonic objects can be found on eBay in conditions such as new, pre-owned, and used.