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Makita Tools has manufactured power tools since 1915. A power tool can help you complete a task much faster than the manual alternative, saving both time and elbow grease. Makita power tools use air compressors, electric motors, or internal combustion engines to run. You can find new, used, and Certified Refurbished Makita power tools on eBay.

Where are Makita Power Tools Manufactured?

Makita power tools are made in several countries around the world including the United Kingdom, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United States, and China. The company is headquartered in Anjo, Japan.

Do Battery-Operated Makita Power Tools Need Charging Before Their First Use?

All Makita battery-powered tools need to be fully charged before use. Cordless tools that use Makita's LXT Lithium-ion batteries are boxed with 30% charge. However, users should not attempt to work on any projects with power tools that haven't been fully charged. The small charge is for storage purposes only and will not last a very long time. Only a Makita battery and battery charger should be used with the company's tools.

What's in a Makita Power Tool Combo Kit?

Makita offers several combo kits. Combo kits come with more than one corded or cordless tool, an LXT lithium-ion battery, and an appropriate battery charger. Many Makita kits come with a blue storage bag. Examples of combination power tool kits include:

  • Brushless Cordless Drill and Impact Driver
  • Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver
  • Cordless Driver Drill and Impact Driver
  • Rotary Hammer Drill and Corded Impact Wrench
  • Hammer Driver and Angle Grinder

What is a Brushless Power Tool?

Brushless motor technology is not a new concept, but there have been more options on the market in the past few years. Makita was one of the first power tool companies to introduce a full line with brushless motors. A tool that uses a brushless motor adjusts its speed according to its task. For instance, the more resistance a drill or saw senses during use, the more energy it will draw, which leads to a lack of resistance.

Certified Refurbished Makita Power Tools

Interested in buying a Makita power tool but concerned about the price? Consider shopping Certified Refurbished Makita tools on eBay. These items are guaranteed to arrive in like-new condition, including accessories, instructions, and packaging. That means you get the same power and performance as buying new, often at a significant savings! Buyers enjoy a 2-year warranty and free 30-day return/replacement policy that starts when you receive the item. Sellers are held to eBay's highest standards of customer service and monitored to ensure they hit our metrics. When you want a high-quality power tool and an unbeatable value, start your search with Certified Refurbished products.