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Lionel O Scale Model Railroads and Trains

FAQs About Lionel O Scale Model Railroads and Trains

Lionel O scale model railroads and trains and tracks are systems that run on O gauge tracks, which are tracks that measure 1-1/4 inches between the outside rails. Lionel O gauge sets are all electric and are a scale of 1:48. Browse this collection on eBay to find various Lionel O scale model railroads, trains, and accessories.

What do O gauge and O scale mean?

Gauge refers to the distance between the outer rails. O gauge indicates three-rail model railroads, which many Lionel sets are. O scale refers to trains that run on two-rail O track. The term O scale also designates the scale of 1:48 in size.

What is the story behind the Lionel O gauge sets?

Lionel began the traditional O gauge model trains in 1915, offering individual locomotives, cars, and track. Following the Great Depression of the 1930s, Lionel introduced the O series for their trains. Ready-to-play sets come with the train set, sections of track, and a transformer. While traditional O gauge trains were discontinued by Lionel in 1939, O gauge sets are still manufactured.

What types of Lionel O scale models are there?
  • The Polar Express: This edition comes with a remote control and is also equipped with Lionchief Bluetooth technology to allow for remote control from your phone. The set includes a 2-8-4 locomotive and tender as well as two coach cars and an observation car. The Polar Express is equipped with the Polar Express bell along with both curved and straight sections of O track. The set features steam and background sounds.
  • Pennsylvania Flyer LionChief: The Pennsylvania Flyer LionChief comes with an 0-8-0 locomotive and tender. It also has a three-dome tank car, a boxcar with opening doors, and a caboose. This set can be operated by remote control or the LionChief Bluetooth technology. Sounds for this train are provided by RailSounds RC sound system. The provided O track includes curved and straight sections.
  • Santa Fe Super Chief LionChief: The Santa Fe Super Chief set comes with the Santa Fe FT diesel locomotive, two coach cars, and an observation car. The cab interior is illuminated. The locomotive operates by remote or by the LionChief Bluetooth technology. The set features the RailSounds RC sound system and comes with sections of curved and straight O track for setup.
  • Hogwarts Express LionChief: The Hogwarts Express LionChief comes with a 4-6-0 locomotive with the Hogwarts Express on the front center. The set has two passenger coaches and one combination car. The locomotive can be run by the LionChief remote of by the LionChief Bluetooth technology. The locomotive comes with a headlight and emits a puff of smoke. The set has the RailSounds RC sound technology. Sections of curved and straight O track accompanies the pieces for setup.

When selecting a model, pay attention to the grading, which usually ranges from C-5 to C-10, where C-5 is good and C-10 is mint brand new.

What are Lionel ready-to-play sets?

Lionel offers different train sets and separate pieces in new, used, and refurbished condition. Ready-to-play sets are replicas of various Lionel trains. Each ready-to-play set comes with train cars, sections of curved and straight track, and a transformer for the electric power to run it. Some O scale sets are ready-to-run editions.

Are there collectible vintage Lionel trains?

Lionel has been producing trains since the early 1900s, and there are many sets available from these earlier years. Pre-war and post-war are designations as to the types of these trains. Availability descriptions are published by various groups. On eBay, the vintage trains are categorized based on year of production and range from 1910-1944, 1945-1969, 1970-1987, and 1988-now.

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