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Considerations When Choosing a Left Hand Archery Longbow

Left hand archery longbows are traditional bows specifically designed for people who are left handed. They are similar to a recurve, but they have a longer, straighter form. Like a recurve, they can be unstrung when not in use and they do not feature a compound mechanism. These bows work for beginning and experienced left handed archers and they come in several different sizes and materials so you can find a bow that works well for you.

What Types of Archery are Left Hand Archery Longbows Suitable for?

Longbows are suitable for several different types of archery.

  • These bows work well for target shooting because they can be very accurate. Target shooting is a great way to improve your skills and get a good feel for your bow. Some left handed longbows are suitable for casual target shooting and others can be used for competitive shooting. Many of these bows feature a nock that helps hold the arrow in place and ensure it rests evenly on the bow, so that it shoots more accurately.
  • Like a recurve, these bows are suitable for hunting small game. They can be used with hunting arrows including broadhead arrows and bullet head arrows. Hunters can use their bow in conjunction with a left handed quiver for easy access to arrows.

What Materials Do Left Hand Archery Longbows Come in?

Left-hand longbows are available in multiple materials, each of which has its own unique advantages.

  • Traditional longbows are often made from wood. Some of the most common types of wood include yew, hickory, maple and bamboo. Most wooden bows are stained and some feature waterproof lacquer. Some wooden bows are made from solid pieces of wood and some are laminated which means that they are made of many thin sheets of wood glued together to increase the overall flexibility of the bow.
  • Many modern longbows are made of fiberglass. This material is less traditional but it is very lightweight and flexible. Fiberglass bows are available in many different colors including earth tones and bright colors.

What Sizes Do Left Hand Archery Longbows Come in?

There are a few common sizes of left hand archery longbows available.

  • 62 inch longbows are one of the smaller sizes available. They work well for people with a shorter stature or those with shorter arms because you do not need to draw the string back as far in order to shoot it.
  • 64 inch bows are slightly larger and they work well for those of middling height with average arm length.
  • Those who are 6 feet tall or taller or those with long arms may want to consider a 68 inch bow.