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Change Up Your Style with Lacoste Shoes for Women

Lacoste White Shoes

Lacoste shoes for women are made to keep your feet comfortable while you walk, while still brightening up your look with a cool and stylish pair of sneakers.

What styles do Lacoste shoes for women come in?

Lacoste shoes for women come in a variety of sneaker styles. The shoes come in low-top designs with lace closures and vary from more casual, street-ready styles to more chunky, athletic styles. These low-top sneakers for women also come in different materials on the upper, including fabric, suede, and leather. The women's leather trainers are mostly seen as a casual street shoe as other upper types may be seen on the more athletic shoe options. There are also women's flats and women slip-on shoe options.

Lacoste Women Shoes

Where can you wear Lacoste shoes for women?

Lacoste shoes for women are versatile shoes that you can wear in a variety of different places and on different types of terrain. Lacoste sneakers have an athletic look and traction that make them appropriate for many types of terrain including streets, sidewalks, grass, and wet terrain. The Lacoste flats may be appropriate for indoor settings and the slip-on Lacoste shoes are suitable for either location.

Lacoste Women Shoes

What features do Lacoste shoes for women have?

Different styles of Lacoste tennis shoes for women have different features to highlight their abilities. The more casual Lacoste sneakers, such as the Carnaby Evo sneakers, feature a leather upper and rubber outsole for a durable street-style shoe. The Carnaby Evo sneakers in particular have a mesh lining for your comfort. They also feature triple punched detailing on the quarter of the shoe and the classic Lacoste crocodile embroidered on the side panel. The Lacoste Court-Drive Trainers are athletic-leaning shoes and feature a textile upper for a more flexible and breathable fit. They also feature textile linings and a durable rubber outsole. The 3D-generated midsole wrap gives you flexible support.

Lacoste Shoes

Are Lacoste shoes for women good for playing sports?

Many of the Lacoste shoe styles have some features that would be appropriate for light physical activity such as walking, jogging, or indoor training. The sneakers have the durability of a rubber sole and the traction to make them stable in a variety of situations. These sneakers were designd to be used as casual shoes for your day to day standing and walking.

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