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A Buyer's Guide to Choosing Water Filters for LG Refrigerators and Freezers

The convenience of chilled water, crushed ice, and ice cubes from your refrigerator/freezer allows you to enjoy a cold beverage anytime. Water filtration units remove impurities from the liquid, giving you confidence that the water and ice are clean and healthy to drink. There are many types of water filters for LG refrigerators and freezers on eBay.

What are some of the features of LG water filters?

The features of these helpful LG fridge and freezer filtration products include:

  • Date stamp: The unit's expiration date is stamped onto it and the package.
  • Snap-in installation: The replacement filtration units push into the refrigerator without any tools.
  • Cleansing properties: The filters can remove solid and gaseous contaminants such as chlorine, lead, mercury, asbestos, benzene, and particulates.
How do you choose a water filter for LG refrigerators?

When shopping for efficient LG refrigerator and freezer water filters, consider these factors:

  • Refrigerator model: Make sure the filtration unit you choose is compatible with your refrigerator. The owner's manual should have a list of compatible filtration units.
  • Filter type: Choose filtration units that use carbon or materials with different pore sizes.
  • Capacity: If you drink a lot of water or use a lot of ice cubes, choose a high-capacity filtration unit.
  • Filtration process: Some of the filtration units remove small elements such as chlorine and iron while others remove those plus large compounds like asbestos.
What are the condition options for replacement LG water filters?

The condition options for these compact LG replacement filters on eBay include:

  • New, unopen: These filtration units have never been used and are in their original packaging.
  • New, open: The unit has been taken out of the packaging but not used.
  • Used: Some water may have already gone through the filtration unit, but it has not reached its capacity.
  • Pack size: The filtration products are available in single packs and multi-packs.
How many gallons of water can LG filters purify?

On eBay, you can find LG replacement water filters that purify 200 to 500 gallons of chilled water or cubes. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the filtration unit after six months, even if you have not used it for 200 gallons of purification. The refrigerator or freezer has an LED indicator to alert you when a replacement filtration unit is needed.