Kayak Trailers

Take Your Kayaks Everywhere with a Kayak Trailer

If you have scratched, nicked, or otherwise bumped or damaged your car one too many times by attaching your kayak to its roof, a kayak trailer could be just what you need. Not only can you save your car, but you can also explore new areas by kayak. You can find a large selection of new and used kayak trailers for sale at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

What types of kayak trailers are available?

You can find a wide selection of many brands of trailers. Single and double trailers are available as well as trailers that have extra room to attach your bicycles. A few of the many brands available include the following:

  • Malone
  • Seattle Sport
  • Hobie
  • Yakima
What are some features of these kayak trailers?

There are many features available on these trailers. They are all made of heavy-duty galvanized steel. The wheels are approved by the Department of Transportation and come with marine-grade sealed bearings. They also include Department of Transportation-approved LED lighting kits that can be submersed in water. A few other features include the following:

  • Two-inch Class II hitch balls
  • Pre-fitted electrical assemblies
  • D-ring tie downs on crossbars
  • Lightweight
  • Extra long tongue with handle and skid support
How do you find the right kayak trailer?

It helps to know the length, width, and weight of the kayak or kayaks you plan to transport. Many of these trailers are designed to carry varying sizes of kayaks and canoes. Some cradles are shaped differently than others, and some are adjustable, so it is wise to compare your kayak to the pictures. Always make sure the maximum weight limit is sufficient to support your kayak, too.

Are these trailers new or used?

Most of these trailers are brand new. However, you can find both new and used trailers or kayaking accessories when you shop on eBay. Reading the item descriptions and looking at the pictures can help you determine the shape your trailer is in before you purchase it. Buying both new and used have their advantages. New trailers have no wear and tear on them, but they are more expensive. Used trailers will have wear and tear, but they can be more cost-efficient. If youre looking for a particular model of kayak trailer that isnt being made anymore, you might be able to find it used on eBay.