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KWA Airsoft Guns

KWA airsoft replica firearms, including rifles and airsoft pistols, are specifically shaped and designed to provide the user with the feeling of holding a real rifle or pistol in the hand. KWA airsoft weapons are nonlethal alternatives for sports, training, and weapons familiarity programs; they are gas blowback or GBB types and utilize the NS2 system. Here is some information about the features and options available for KWA airsoft guns.

Which KWA gun should you choose for close quarters battle?

Basic principles recommend a shorter stock and barrel gun for CQB and a longer stock and barrel gun for field play. This is because CQB occurs in tighter quarters with a restricted field of view, and a shorter product is often easier to handle in such an environment. Regardless of combat principles, the right choice of airsoft rifle or airsoft pistol for any given scenario depends on the user's preferences. Long gun options to cover both types of activity include those systems with telescoping or collapsible stocks, which allow the user to extend or retract the length of the airsoft gun as the situation dictates. As for airsoft pistols, their small size and easy handling make them suitable for any scenario, without significant alteration. Because KWA products utilize magazines to feed ammunition, they make the platform feel like a full and complete gun.

What is the KWA ATP?

The acronym KWA ATP refers to a full-size, magazine-fed, NS2 GBB adaptive training pistol. It is designed to mimic an authentic pistol down to the magazine, gas blowback, full and semifire selector, realistic view down the sights, and an optional suppressor add-on. The pistol magazine and pistol itself are manufactured with aluminum alloy and polymer.

Can KWA guns be upgraded with m130 spring stocks?

Yes, unless otherwise specified, any airsoft weapon that is not a pistol can be upgraded with an m130 spring stock.

What airsoft BBs are available for KWA airsoft guns?

Choosing which BB to utilize with any airsoft product is up to the user, but KWA provides specific products for use with KWA airsoft GBB rifles and pistols. KWA’s BBs are spherical and have a high polish. With its variable performance system (VPS), the gun features a switch life extender.

Where are KWA airsoft guns made?

KWA airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols are manufactured in Taiwan. The United States does not have any manufacturing plants that produce KWA airsoft weapons.

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