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KA-BAR Collectible Fixed Blade Knives

KA-BAR Fixed-blade Knives

Founded in 1898, KA-BAR Knives designs and produces quality blades for a variety of purposes. Hunters, military personnel, and other knife enthusiasts look to KA-BAR for their knife needs. If you’re looking for a KA-BAR fixed-blade knife, you may want to become acquainted with the different types first.

What kind of KA-BAR fixed-blade knives are available?

There are many different types of knives made by KA-BAR in the fixed-blade category. Each has its own unique characteristics and specialty for various fields, and these include the following:

  • USMC KA-BAR: Made for the Marine Corps in World War II, this is the knife design that landed KA-BAR on the map. Although available in different colors, the traditional design has a brown leather handle. A leather sheath engraved with “USMC” comes with the knife. The blade is comprised of 1095 Cro-Van steel and has a thickness of 0.165 inch. Weighing 0.7 of a pound, the blade length is 7 inches. Its overall length is 11.875 inches. This combat knife can be purchased in either a straight-edge or serrated-edge format. This is an option when you want an all-purpose, heavy-duty knife proven in combat by the Marines.
  • Neck Knife: KA-BAR neck knives can be conveniently hung from the neck while on the move. Many of these variants have handles comprised of stainless steel or a similar material. A ring at the end allows for rope to be securely tied on the end. This kind of KA-BAR knife can be ideal for hunters and others who want easy and quick access to weapons. They can be worn outside the shirt as well, meaning that a steel blade over 3.5 inches can be carried. Some notable examples include the Snody “Snake Charmer,” Dozier Skeleton, and Becker Eskabar.
  • TDI Law Enforcement: As the name suggests, KA-BAR TDI knives are optimal for law enforcement personnel needing a backup for their firearm. These tactical knives come in a variety of forms, with tanto and drop-point blades available. The TDI Law Enforcement knives can be clipped on to the belt inside the sheath and concealed easily. Curved handles made of durable Zytel ensure that the grip remains steady. Other variants of the TDI series include boot knives and the multipurpose Becker Tac Tool. When a weapon of last resort is required, these tactical knives get the job done.
  • Machete: For those who need a sturdy chopping tool in the field, the KA-BAR machete is a solid choice. These utility knives come in curved and straight versions. A notable curved version is the Kukri, which has an overall length of 17 inches. The KA-BAR blade length is 11.5 inches. Kraton G polymer — a highly resilient synthetic rubber — offers superior gripping power for the handle. The Kukri blade’s SK5 steel will stand up to just about anything when hacking through brush or clearing campsites. When it’s not in use, a sheath made of heavy-duty polyester can securely store the knife.
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