Johnson Vintage Fishing Reels

Like any long-standing pastime or sport, fishing has a great deal of history to it. That history can be found in various sorts of antique fishing gear like vintage fishing rods and fishing reels. Certain historic reels make for popular collectors items for fishing enthusiasts. Since 1949, Johnson have been one of the largest manufacturers of fishing reels making them a perfect fit for collecting. Other people feel a sense of tradition by fishing with antique fishing rods like Johnson fishing rods.

What Are the Different Features of Vintage Fishing Reels?

Just as different types of fishing rods are used for different types of fishing, so too are different Johnson reels better suited to different activities. Features that impact this include:

  • Lures: Certain fishing reels are only capable of properly supporting particular flies and lures. For instance the reel on a spinning rod is designed to allow the casting of lightweight artificial lures like those used in fly fishing.
  • Spools: It may seem a small thing, but different models of reel spool their fishing line differently. This is often done, like in the case of a spin-cast reel, to reduce the risk of tangles and line twists.
  • Release Mechanisms: As earlier models of the reel, manufacturers often designed them in unusual and inventive ways. This means for something like the release mechanism, there can be a great difference from one Johnson rod to the next.

What Are the Different Types of Vintage Reels?

Each model of an antique Johnson fishing reel was crafted with its own strengths and drawbacks. Differences can be:

  • Casting Distance: Due to their design, certain reel models like a spincaster have a reduced casting distance. This can be both in terms of storage capacity and mechanical design elements.
  • Size of the Catch: Only certain reels, like a conventional reel are truly able to catch big fish.
  • Fishing Method: The model of reel you restricts the type of lure you can use. This in turn effects how you cast your line, as with fly rods the fly is too lightweight to traditionally cast.

Other Collectible Fishing Gear

Fishing reels are not the only antique fishing equipment that is collected. Other collectible items include:

  • Fishing Rods: Just as Johnson made antique reels, so too have they made fishing rods since 1949.
  • Fishing Lures: Another item of fishing gear that proves popular with collectors are fishing lures, often because of their antique craftsmanship.

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