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Throw Pillows and Other Home Decorative Pillows

Home decor pillows can help you dress up your sofa or add some flair to your bedding. Decorative pillows come in many different colors and textures. You can find new and preowned pillows that are embroidered, plaid, and even those with metallic accents to match your home decor on eBay.

What is a throw pillow?

A throw pillow is a small cushion that you add to a sofa, chair, or bed. They're meant to be used for both comfort and home decor. Some of them come with removable pillow covers, making them easy to wash. Throw pillows don't need to match your sofa or decor and are often chosen as a contrasting accent piece. This also makes it quick and easy to change the decor in your living room or bedroom. You can switch out the pillow covers each season for a different look.

How can you arrange throw pillows in a room?

This depends on the type of furniture in the room. If you have a sofa, adding throw pillows at each corner makes it look inviting. For a sectional couch, a grouping of several accent pillows in the corner and one on each end can create a symmetrical look. For a bed, decorative throw pillows that match the comforter can be propped in front of the shams. Smaller throw pillows can look nice in accent chairs as well.

What shapes are available for throw pillows?

There are many different shapes and sizes of throw pillows. One type is a bolster, a small cylinder with flat ends. This is a great choice for the ends of sofas because it's like an extra armrest. Bolsters look stylish on plush decorative bedding, especially with tassels on the ends. You can also find throw pillows that are:

  • round
  • square
  • rectangular
  • cylindrical
  • shaped with a theme like anchors, animals, or flowers

You can also mix different shapes and sizes. This adds interest to your furniture or the comforter on your bed. One option for a white bedspread is to add several decorative shapes in cool-toned colors like blue, green, and gray. A mix of square, round, and bolster shapes allows infinite arrangements and gives you a lot of options.

Does the filling make a difference?

Many throw pillows have a pillow insert with a cover. The type of filling varies depending on how plump or firm you want your pillow to be. Eco-friendly fillings are available for some pillows. Feather filling can be molded to fit different shapes, polyester fiberfill is inexpensive and lightweight, and microbead fill is lightweight and stays cool. If you want throw pillows that stay plump and firm, a dense foam fill may be a good choice.