Hobby RC modelos de autos, camiones y motocicletas y kits

All About Hobby RC Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Models and Kits

A multitude of companies make RC vehicles for racing fans and enthusiasts. On eBay, you will find those that look like real-life vehicles as well as customized options. These vehicles are suitable for racing against friends on surfaces like concrete and dirt.

What type of fuel do the vehicles use?

There are a number of ways to power a hobby vehicle. Some have a gasoline design and will use the same fuel that you would use in your own truck. Electric options are a solid choice for those just starting out and those new to the hobby. You dont need to add fuel or keep an eye on the gas gauge. These designs come with rechargeable batteries. There are also some nitro options that are fast on the track.

What comes with a complete kit?

A complete kit is a set that includes everything needed for racing. In addition to a radio control car or truck, youll also get a gas tank or a battery. Battery kits should come with a charger for keeping the battery charged too. Some truck kits will come with tires and other accessories that you will need to install on the vehicle yourself.

RC trucks and other vehicles come in different scale options. This tells you how closely your truck and a real truck are in terms of size. The largest size is 1/5 scale, which means the product is 1/5 the size of a real truck. Other sizes include 1/8, 1/10, and 1/12. Tamiya and other companies use actual size measurements to tell you how large the truck is in terms of length, width, and height.

What brands make these vehicles?

Tamiya is one brand that you might consider when looking for an RC truck. This company has a good reputation for making high-quality cars and other vehicles. Traxxas is another brand that makes both realistic vehicles and fantasy models. Other brands worth a look include XMODS and Redcat Racing. Youll even find companies that make haulers and trailers for transporting those vehicles.

Are accessories available for these vehicles?

A large assortment of RC accessories are available on eBay that are compatible with most rides:

  • Tires: Available tires come in realistic designs that feature hubcaps and tread. Different tread types are suitable for different surfaces like grass and asphalt.
  • Bodies: Additional model options are available. The body on your model can snap or lift off once you remove the tabs keeping it in place.
  • Motors: You can give your Tamiya truck or tractor more racing power with the addition of a different motor. RC motors help you crank up the speed.
  • Paint and Decals: Enamel paints and decals can allow you to switch up the look of your vehicle whenever you want.