Juegos de High School Musical

High School Musical Games

High School Musical games are based on a series of Disney movies about six high school thespians who love to sing and dance. Gamers are able to play these games on multiple gaming systems. Players can choose which characters they would like to play as they enter the virtual world of Eastside High.

Which characters are featured in the video games?

The movies main stars are pictured in every game. Some of these main characters include the following:

  • Sharpay: The heiress, she is a cast member of every High School Musical game.
  • Gabriella: A fledgling A+ starlet who gamers can opt to play as in the video games.
  • Troy: He is one of the movies male leads and a basketball star.
  • Ryan: This character appears in the movies as well as during gameplay.
Does High School Musical have board games?

There is a DVD board game that is an interactive game. All three High School Musical movies have a DVD board game, which includes a game board, DVD, and pawns that represent the images of the movies main characters. On some of their turns, gamers are able to answer questions about the movie or decide what the missing song lyrics are. Other times, images are shown, and players have to decide if the image they see is authentic or if there is something off about the picture. The object of the game is to make it to the final callbacks. There can only be a few thespians who reach that point, and there can only be one winner.

Are there High School Musical puzzles?

The High School Musical series is also featured in many jigsaw puzzles.

  • The Trefl contains 160 pieces and features the six main stars in characteristic poses.
  • The Ravensburger has 300 pieces. It is based on "High School Musical Senior Year" and features seven cast members.
  • The Sharpay Evans puzzle features the movies heiress in her blue "Bop to the Top" attire.
Are there video games for Xbox, Wii, or PlayStation?

Some Wii and PlayStation options include the following games:

  • Sing It: This High School Musical Senior Year game allows gamers to sing along with songs from all three High School Musical movies.
  • High School Musical 3 Dance!: This game can be found on the Xbox 360. Gamers can show how well they remember the movies choreography.
Are there video games available on Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS has three games. Each features songs that reflect the movies on which they are based. The story lines expand on the movies plots. Mini-games include rhythm games and time-based challenges.

  • Making The Cut: This game is based on the original High School Musical.
  • Work This Out: This video game is based on the sequel.
  • Senior Year: This choice is based on the third installment in the High School Musical series.
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