Heavy Equipment Augers

Dig and Shift Soil Effectively With These Auger Products

Auger products can help you complete tough maintenance jobs on landscapes that have wooden planks or thick layers of soil. Youll find various bits and accessories for multiple auger products, and many of the pieces can be attached to different landscaping equipment.

What equipment options are compatible with augers?

Check out the reasonably-priced skid auger accessories and attachments on Ebay. You can find many heavy-duty auger pieces that fit the most common landscaping and construction products. The main compatible equipment options include:

  • Excavators: These auger products fit excavator pieces that have unique motor types. You can use excavator augers with traditional equipment or with machinery that has dual swing mounting hardware. Excavator bits are made in a variety of sizes for multiple maintenance situations.
  • Skid loader: Augers for skid loaders are large and have a spiral shape. Many steer pieces can help you dig holes for posts, remove tree stumps, mix cement, and more.
  • Backhoe loaders: Auger hardware thats made for backhoe loaders are built with professional-grade, highly durable materials. The tough housing on these accessories ensures long-lasting endurance during demanding jobs.
  • Trenchers: Accessories for digging trenches are long and thin, and they have blades that rotate. When an auger drive is attached to a trencher, the equipment digs straight trenches on a landscape.
  • Tractor: A tractor auger is attached to an arched frame. The curved element is important because it positions the blade in a practical spot so that the auger hardware breaks through soil efficiently.
What are some usage options for extension pieces?

When the process of digging deep holes with an auger is challenging, you can expand the length of the pole by using a shaft extension tool. If a few auger pieces lose their edge during a deep drilling job, you can replace the old pieces with new cup teeth. Many of the equipment features planetary drive, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Besides these accessories, equipment manufacturers also make adapters and frames for auger products.

What are drill pieces made of?

Carbide is a key material thats used to make a drill tip. This substance doesnt damage easily, and it can bore through heavy soil and thick slabs of wood. Because this material holds its edge for a long time, you can complete multiple jobs without using sharpening or honing tools.

What are the common auger sizes?

Most augers that are made for compact equipment are at least 9 inches by 48 inches. Products that fit large machinery are typically 12 inches to 18 inches. When short and long auger bits are attached to extensions, their overall reach increases.