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Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid technology has improved significantly over the years as power sources have become smaller, safer, and more efficient. Whether you need assistance for mild or severe hearing loss, the batteries for your hearing aid are conveniently accessible and easy to install. Button tab batteries can supply enough energy to amplify sounds many times louder than their ordinary volume without creating any auditory artifacts.

What types of batteries are used in hearing assistance devices?

The industry standard battery type for hearing assistance products is the zinc air button tab battery. It supplies power when the zinc in the battery reacts with the air around it, so the batteries must be covered until they?re installed in a product. Zinc air batteries are very small and lightweight. Their low-profile size and shape enable manufacturers to create powerful and inconspicuous hearing assistance products that smoothly and evenly amplify volume.

What battery sizes are available for hearing aids?

Batteries are color-coded to indicate their compatibility with various hearing aids. The sizes, from smallest to largest, are 5, 10, 312, 13, and 675. Size 5 is indicated by red, size 10 by yellow, size 312 by brown, size 13 by orange, and size 675 by blue. The size of a battery determines how much energy it can supply to a device. Sizes 10 or 312 may be suitable for people with mild hearing loss while sizes 13 or 675 may be needed for more powerful aids. The size of a battery also determines how long it will last and how often it can be used. When searching for batteries, it?s important to note that:

  • All five sizes are produced by Belton, Miracle-Ear, Panasonic, Rayovac, Renata, Siemens, and Starkey.
  • The largest four sizes are produced by all other manufacturers.
  • A special version of size 675 is produced for hearing aid implants by I.E.C., iCellTech, Powertone, Rayovac, and Zenipower.
  • Battery sizes are standard across all manufacturers.
How do you store a hearing aid battery?

Zinc air batteries need to be kept sealed until they?re ready to be used. When they?re exposed to air, they will begin to wear down until they lose all of their energy. This process typically takes several weeks or months, depending on how frequently the product is used. A hearing aid battery should be stored at room temperature to minimize the chance of overheating. When zinc air batteries become too hot, they run out of energy more quickly. Proper care and maintenance of batteries can keep them efficient and reliable for their full life spans.