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Hampton Bay Lighting Parts and Accessories

When it comes to lighting parts and accessories, Hampton Bay has you covered. From bathroom light fixtures to bedroom ceiling fans and everything in between, this reliable and well-known brand has what you need. You can find quality and stylish pieces from this brand.

How do you find the right Hampton Bay replacement parts?

Most replacement parts are not hard to find or to replace yourself. However, you must be sure that you are purchasing the correct new part. To find the correct Hampton Bay replacement part for your light fixture or ceiling fan, carefully follow these steps:

  • Diagnose the issue: First, do some research to figure out what your exact issue is with your Hampton Bay fan or other equipment.
  • Identify the part: Next, identify which part is defective or worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • Obtain the name/UPC code/model info: Finally, obtain the name and model number of your Hampton Bay product to locate the right part. You can find the name and product number on the original box, per the manufacturer instructions. Also, the UPC code can usually be found on top of the motor covering or somewhere not easily seen on the product. For example, if you need a new part for a Hampton Bay Littleton 42-inch white ceiling fan, you would need that information plus model number UB42S-WH-SH to identify and purchase a new part.
What types of Hampton Bay replacement parts are available?

To keep your Hampton Bay ceiling fan or other equipment working as it should and to meet your specific needs, this brand offers many different types of parts. These include:

  • Controls: Maybe you have misplaced your Hampton Bay remote control or you need a new wall control for your fan.
  • Caps/downrod assemblies: Caps and downrod assemblies can be easily lost, misplaced, or broken. Thankfully, you can purchase these parts to keep your ceiling fans and lights functioning and looking like they should.
  • Fan blades and brackets: From time to time, your Hampton Bay ceiling fan blades and brackets may become worn out or break. Instead of replacing the entire ceiling fan, you can simply purchase individual brackets or blades to meet your needs.
  • Fan remote receivers: In order to respond to your remote control, your Hampton Bay ceiling fan must have a functioning receiver. Sometimes the receiver can become worn out or dusty and require replacement.
  • Glass replacements: Perhaps the glass on your light kit broke or you would like a different style. Whatever the case, you can purchase replacement glass covers for your light fixture.