HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Helpful Facts About HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

HEPA is an acronym that has been floating around for the better part of the last two decades, but what does it really mean? Why is HEPA so important for HEPA vacuums? The answers to those questions follow.

HEPA, the acronym

HEPA stands for "high efficiency particulate air." In conjunction with air filters, a HEPA machine can provide cleaner air while cleaning a room. HEPA filters are commonly used in vacuums of all types as well as some heating and air conditioning systems. Their application in vacuums is effective and unique.

What the HEPA filter vacuum does

Any vacuum with a HEPA filter on board is not only pulling dirt and particulates from your carpets and floors, but also from the air. As the vacuum operates, air is moving through the HEPA filter inside to remove dust particulates, which are known allergens. These particulates can cause many indoor allergies, and the filter removes them as you vacuum, creating air in your home or commercial space that is more breathable and less problematic for those that suffer from indoor allergies and/or asthma.

Not all HEPA filters are created equal

Despite the fact that HEPA filters in vacuums are worth the added cost, not all filters are created equal. Not all filters are exactly alike either. There are different filtering levels and different shapes of filters. What fits in a rotating ball vacuum is not going to be the same as a shop vac HEPA filter. The shop vac filter is responsible for removing a lot more dust associated with working with substances like wood and metal.

Likewise, the tiny Roomba HEPA filter is not even close in size to the standard canister-style HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Because the Roomba is closer to the floor, it does not need to bother with anything floating higher into the air as it rolls along. It is already grabbing the dust particulates before they can float above, and the tinier filter is working the same way as other vacuums.

Reasons why you might want a HEPA vacuum

Do you find yourself sneezing all the time in your home? Maybe you have pets you love although you're allergic to them. If that is the case, then a HEPA vacuum is for you. Just remember to change the filter once every six months to a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.