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Gucci Skinny Belts for Women

Belts do more than keep a woman’s clothing in place. Wearing a fashionable designer belt can accentuate an outfit’s appearance or practicality. For women wanting to add to their closets, there are a range of Gucci skinny belts available.

What are the designer lines of Gucci belts for women?

There are about six Gucci designer lines. They contain a variety of skinny belt styles. Here are a few descriptions of the fashion designs for women.

  • Animalier – Most of the Animalier styles feature a metal bee buckle with pearls and crystals.
  • Dionysus – The Dionysus line features the tiger-head G buckle in silver-toned hardware. Some of them have Swarovski crystal adornments.
  • GG Marmont - The GG Marmont design of Gucci belts may be made from leather, crocodile, or canvas. They feature the GG Marmont buckle with details such as pearl studs, solid gold, or gold with one G-shaped buckle in a serpentine motif.
What materials are Gucci skinny belts made of?

Gucci accessories come in a variety of materials. Many of the designs are made with 100% leather or snakeskin. Some of them are made of black velvet. Other styles of Gucci accessories for women include variations of different materials, such as the signature web canvas with leather detailing or leather with suede detailing. Many of the Gucci belts have logo buckles on a leather belt, like the Square G or the Double G. Others feature a metal butterfly buckle or a feline or tiger head with crystal embellishments. Gucci accessories also come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and beige.

How should you wear a skinny belt?

Gucci skinny belts for women can be worn on the waist or hips. When selecting the right size for you, compare your hip and waist measurements along with your pant size to the women’s belt sizing guide. If you are wearing a skinny leather belt on your waist, such as with a dress or a long blouse, wrap it around your natural waistline, or where your top and skirt meet. If the clothing has a defined waistline already, you can cover up the waistline with the skinny belt.

What are the details of a Gucci designer belt?

Many of the Gucci accessories for women have a signature Square G buckle or Double G buckle. The interior of the belt may include a Gucci stamp. It will say, “Made in Italy.” The serial number will include 21 digits and begin with 114 or 223.