Make Golf Practice Convenient With a Net, Cage, or Mat

Golf mats, nets, and cages can help you practice your swing on your own driving range without losing your golf balls. Each piece of equipment has its own useful features, and you will find different versions available on eBay. Learning about these golf training aids and how to use them can help you find the one that's right for you.

Types of driving range equipment available on eBay

There are a few types of equipment you can use on your driving range to practice your golf game. Each type is designed to help you keep track of your golf balls or to make it easier for you to practice alone. The main types are:

  • Mats - Golf mats simulate a strip of the putting green to help you practice your shots. Many models have a hole at the end that can catch the ball. You can use these items indoors or outdoors.
  • Nets - A golf net is usually a mesh sheet that can stop your golf ball from going past a certain point. You can hang the sheet up and use it to practice the speed or style of your swing.
  • Cages - Golf cages also catch balls, and they may include sidewalls.
Can you use golf mats and cages for all shots?

Short and long shots on the green both require practice and different skills. Golf mats, nets, or cages have everything you might need to practice both types of shots. You may wish to look for equipment for short and long shots to suit all your golf practice needs.

  • Short shots - A golf mat might be a good choice for short shots. It can simulate narrow or wide strips of green and help you gauge how the ball will roll across the course.
  • Long shots - Because nets and cages use walls and backing materials to stop your golf balls, they may be good choices for longer shots. You can practice your swing and full speed and see what you might need to modify.
What are some brand of golf mats and cages?

You can find both branded and generic golf training aids on eBay. Brands include:

  • Real Feel
  • All Turf Mats
  • Duffer