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Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant offers a wide variety of mountain bikes for riders at every level. These mountain bikes are designed for lifestyle, performance, sport, and advanced riding. The bikes built by Giant are crafted specifically for different surfaces, including on-road, X-road, off-road, and BMX.

What are the different frame options offered?

The sizes of the frames on these bikes typically range from small to extra-large. Otherwise, the size of the frame can often range from 17 inches up to 27.5 inches. Some of the materials used to make these mountain-bike frames include aluminum, carbon fiber, composite, and steel.

What are the different wheel sizes offered?

The wheel sizes available with these mountain bikes typically range from 20 to 29 inches. The wheel size may also be classified as 650B or 700C. There are a number of suspension options offered with these bikes, including front suspension, rear suspension, and suspension in both the front and rear.

What different types of mountain bikes are offered?

Some of the different categories of mountain bikes available include gravity, hybrid, race, trail, cross-country, enduro, downhill, and recreation. Some of the models offered include Anthem, Anthem Advanced, Reign, and Trance. The Anthem bike, Anthem Advanced bike, advanced Anthem Pro 29 bike, and advanced Anthem 29 are all bicycles designed for performance cross-country rides.

Enduro models include the Reign and the advanced Reign. The Trance and advanced Trance bicycles are designed for performance rides on trails. The Trance Jr. 26 is designed for sports-level trail rides. Aside from the Trance, other trail mountain bicycles include the Stance performance model, and the various XTC models designed for sports riding.

The company also offers the Ful-E+ SX Pro, a sporty e-bike, and the TCX Advanced SX mountain bike for performance cyclocross. The Glory is the downhill performance bike that many professional riders rely on. Some of the other mountain bikes offered by the company include the Fathom for performance cross-country, the Talon for sports cross-country, the ATX for recreational bike riding, and the Dirt-E+ hybrid sports model.

What benefits and features are available with these models?

These lightweight mountain bikes are designed for challenging terrains, providing consistent speed and control for the rider. These models are typically built to maximize efficiency and versatility on the road. Each models main components, including the toptube, downtube, steerer tube, shock mounts, and rocker arms are tailored specifically to the primary functions the bikes intended for.

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