Gatco Towel Racks

Learn more about Gatco Towel Racks

Gatco makes a number of different towel bars, like those from its Latitude Collection, that help you organize your bathroom. Each rack comes in a finish, such as satin nickel, chrome, matte black, or brushed brass, to match other hardware in the room.

What are some common towel bar materials?

One thing to consider when looking at Gatco products is their base materials. Gatco towel bars often use a metal like stainless steel with a finish on top. Another material the company uses is porcelain, which has a more traditional look. Some racks use metal along with glass for a minimalist look.

What is Gatco II Latitude?

The Gatco Latitude II is a special line that provides a minimalist look with a chrome or satin nickel surface. Though the pieces work together and complement each other, you can also use the Gatco Latitude II pieces on their own. Products in this line include towel racks and bars, wall sconces, bathroom mirrors, shelving, and other accessories.

How do you choose a Gatco towel bar?

A bar or rack for your towels can come in many different styles.

  • Design: Start with a look at the overall design. While some have a traditional bar shape, there are also racks that look like slender shelves, and holders shaped like large rings. The rings take up less space and can hold a single towel in place.
  • Size: Measure your bathroom wall to find out how much space you have available. That measurement tells you exactly how long of a towel bar you need.
  • Finish: Gatco finishes include some darker and deeper options like oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued bronze. Youll also find lighter, more contemporary finishes like satin nickel.
  • Collection type: For a more complete look, search for hardware and accessories that work together. The Gatco Latitude II is just one of the lines of bathroom products that the company makes.

How much time does installation take?

Installing Gatco products can take just a few minutes or a longer period of time. It usually depends on how much experience you have with bathroom accessories and the product that you selected. Installing a basic Latitude II ring from Gatco may take five minutes or less. Installing a shelf or other bathroom accessory can take an hour or more.

What are the benefits of a Gatco towel bar?

Installing new hardware can give your bathroom a fresh look. Choosing a shelf and other hardware from Gatco helps you organize your space, too. Its Latitude and Latitude II lines of products include various hardware that all works together as part of the collection. A towel bar or rack lets you keep one or more towels ready for bathing. Other Gatco products for bathrooms include a rack with a shelf on top, and mounted toilet paper holders.

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