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Technology Defines Fly Fishing Reels

With 20 years of utilizing innovative technology for fishing equipment, Galvan makes fly reels known for their quality and selection. The brand produces a series of reels like the Torque, Brookie, and Grip, each having distinctive qualities.

What Technology Does Galvan Use to Make Fly Fishing Reels?

  • Tru-Balance: So reels function optimally, counter-balanced weights are added to each one so the spool doesnt wobble during rotation. Thats an important feature whether anglers cast or retrieve the line with a fish on the hook.
  • Torque Drag System: Considered the backbone of every reel, the drag system alerts anglers when the line moves with an audible click. Fishermen and women can make microTune drag adjustments while fishing by using the drag knob. For convenience, the knob is large and easy to grasp.
  • Push Button Release: Anglers can push a button to release the spool quickly as well as switch from one line weight to the next on the fly.
  • Large Arbors: When a fish is running with the line, a larger arbor helps anglers retrieve the line quicker.

What Features Do Galvan Torque Reels have?

The Torque series of reels are saltwater safe, whether youre fishing in alpine lakes or saltwater flats. A ventilated spool and frame balance are compatible with light or big-game fly rods. Moreover, the rounded rims make them more durable so they hold up to inevitable bangs. Moreover, they are available in spool widths ranging from 0.85 to 1.35 inches and line weights from 2 to 12. The company debuted the torque drag system with this reel, a system it now uses in all of its fly reels.

What Features Do Rush Light Reels Have?

Rush Light reels have an open back and tri-spoke design. Those changes lightened the reel but retained the Rush Lights proven durability. The company builds a technical feature into the reel called low startup inertia, which means it performs as soon as a fish bites. For an angler, that equates to more fish landed. Likewise, the thermoplastics used to make the drag disc and spool bushing reduce wear and tear on the reel. Additionally, the Rush Light series as well as other fly reel models from the brand are T2 anodized with aluminum oxide to prolong their lifespan. Also, you can switch from left to right-hand retrieve without using any tools to change the lines direction.

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