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G&G Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns serve a variety of purposes, from shooting targets to teaching children about firearm safety. When purchasing one, you have a variety of options. Knowing how to choose the right weapon for your needs is important.

What is the difference between types of airsoft guns?

You have a variety of airsoft products to choose from, including rifles and pistols. Understanding the differences between these products can help you choose the right one.

  • Rifles/Sniper Rifles: These provide competitive precision shooting.
  • Machine/Submachine Guns: These weapons offer rapid fire shooting similar to a real gun.
  • Pistols: These weapons offer a compact shooting experience.
What makes AEGs unique?

AEGs, which are electric airsoft guns, are powered by rechargeable batteries. This allows them to replicate the firing rate and feel of a real submachine gun or a rifle. Unlike spring-powered guns, AEGs have a fully automatic firing rate.

What features should you look for?

The features you look for will depend on your experience level. Do you want a large magazine for combat target practice? Do you want to hone your precision targeting skills for competition? Or are you a beginner who would like to teach yourself some combat and shooting skills? To decide, consider your level of experience:

  • Beginners: Spring-powered airsofts typically are geared toward beginners. Look for one that is solidly built, comfortable to hold, and easy to operate.
  • Intermediate: If you are already familiar with firearms, opt for a more powerful airsoft gun with an FPS rating of 300 or more, or a rifle.
  • Experienced: You can get a higher FPS rating and a larger magazine. A rifle for competitive precision shooting is also useful.
What ammo should you use?

Different products require different ammo. All of them use BBs, but their weight and size differs. For instance, a machine gun needs a different size and weight than a shotgun. The ammo you use depends on the product you choose, as well as its FPS rating. High quality BBs are important because low-grade BBs are not typically perfectly spherical, which may cause jamming issues. They should also be properly sized, for similar reasons. Make sure to view your manufacturers guide for proper sizing. Finding properly weighted BBs is also key. The weight of the BBs you need will depend on the FPS rating.

How do you use an airsoft gun?

There are a few tips you should follow. For instance:

  • Proper operation: Many of these products look realistic. Make sure to operate the product properly to avoid mistakenly alarming someone with it.
  • Use safety gear: Full safety gear helps keep you safe from harm, so make sure you fit yourself with the proper gear before shooting.
  • Do not remove the safety tip: These products resemble real firearms, so make sure you never remove the orange safety tip.
  • Use it in the proper setting: There are combat arenas for people to use their airsoft guns freely. Use them to avoid any accidents, fear, or confusion.
  • Avoid wearing all black: Make sure you can be seen by others by wearing easy-to-see safety colors.