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Fujikura Golf Club Shafts

When looking for a golf club, it is important to consider the actual shaft of the club and the various factors that can affect its efficiency, including length, material, and series. Having the right shaft for your clubs can mean the difference between falling over or under par. Fujikura shafts manufacture a wide variety of golf club shafts.

What is the Fujikura M Flex?

The M Flex is shorthand for the brand's take on a medium driver shaft. The M model features a medium weight. The club is designed for experienced golfers who want a reliable shaft for their club heads. Golfers looking for consistent performance with a medium weight should consider the M Flex. Consider some of the features inherent with this particular line of golf club shafts:

  • M flex stability is intended to yield greater stability and stronger swings. This flexibility has the potential to help you develop longer shots over time.
  • The M Flex has been constructed with resistant carbon-fiber technology to ensure longevity. Users may notice that the design of these clubs enables them to last longer while maintaining consistent performance.
  • The M Flex has been designed with more give to provide a more forgiving handle section. This can be a useful feature for beginning and advanced golfers looking for a more flexible swing.
How do you use Fujikura 70s?

There are multiple ways to use the Fujikura 70s line of golf shafts. The shafts are meant to provide golfers with a stiffer handling experiencing for greater accuracy. Constructed with quality build materials, the 70s series can be applied to any style of golfer.

  • The 70s line has been constructed with a stiff shaft, which is designed for more accuracy and consistency.
  • Additionally, the 70s line is constructed with a number of build materials. Graphite is one of the main components in the shaft. Graphite is a hardy, durable material that has been handpicked to provide the series of clubs with their distinct quality. Graphite is a building material tailor-made for golf.
What Fujikura shaft options are available?

When deciding which Fujikura shaft is right for you, be sure to keep these different factors in mind.

  • Select what build qualities you want comprising your club. Build materials can directly affect your clubs weight and longevity. Graphite and carbon fiber, both commonly used Fujikura products, are typical choices. Pick one up and see if it feels comfortable in your hands. That will help you determine if it is the shaft for you.
  • Various options are available in regard to weight and stiffness. Each individual golf player has his/her preferences in this regard, and as such several models and series have been designed to cater to a wide variety of players' needs.
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