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Frye Boots for Men

Frye was started in 1863 as an American shoemaker by its founder John A. Frye. The agency works out of New York City and has manufactured custom boots for Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, Walt Frazier, and Carole King. The company is now a modern producer of men boots and shoes.

Which materials are used by the Frye shoe manufacturer?

Frye boots are primarily made from treated leather. The agency uses a combination of designs and textures for men shoes that span from soft, rough, smooth, or bumpy finishes, which come in a wide range of color variations. Frye materials for men are adjusted to make a style that’s cut high or low around the ankle.

Here are the company’s most used materials:

  • The antiquated leather boot: This is the closest that manufacturers get to the most untreated leather for men. The little treatment of this variety enables it to last longer as it’s designed to stretch and breathe.
  • The stonewash boot: Stonewash shoes come from European cattle. The tanning process of the hide ends with a treatment of oil and wax. The sealed finish this material has water-resistance as the leather gives men variety and utility.
  • The pebbled leather boot: The finish to this natural hide in Frye boots has an appearance of low goosebumps that can be worked and manipulated by shoemakers. The pebbled texture tends to introduce a high pebbled feature or an intentionally reduced pebbled look where it seems the skin has been completely smoothed out.
Which men's shoe models does Frye manufacture?

Frye creates a number of common models that men shoes are designed into, and this includes men sizes starting from 6 to 13. See manufacturer site for details. Frye creates designs for men with a lace that could extend as high as 8 inches toward the knee. Frye boots are original designs incorporated into internationally recognized shoe molds.

Here are the basic models and molds:

  • The Moc-Toe boot: This model often looks like a pair of loafers. It has a soft suede or leather body. Some are often compared to a moccasin but as a boot with a high lace around the ankles. It has a hand-sewn appearance with a wedge sole at the tip of the toe.
  • The Engineer boot: This style uses tough leather and is cut high without reaching the knees on men. The heels are elevated, and they’re commonly called the motorcycle boot with a buckle around the shoe’s ankle and under the arch.
  • The Chukka boot: The Frye brand manufactures a large number of chukka-style shoes that use an extremely low heel for a boot and has a simple design with no more than two pieces of hide used for each shoe.
  • The Chelsea boot: This is a European design. It’s recognized by its elastic material where the ankle of the foot is. The remaining shoe is rawhide. The elastic band is often accompanied by two tabs that enable men to pull the boot over their feet.
What colors are these boots available in?

Various shades of brown and tan are most common, but Frye boots may also be found in colors like black, red, and even green.

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