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Mother's Day Deals on Fragrances

This Mother's Day, make your mom happy by gifting her a fragrance of her choice. eBay's selection of fragrances includes different scents and concentrations. Various formulas of fragrances are stronger or gentler depending on how they are made, so be sure to pick the one that fulfills your needs. Choose the right perfume from various options like fresh, floral, fruity, and natural fragrances, based on your mom's personality. You can select how concentrated you would like the perfume to be by picking the right formulation type. Bond No. 9, Calvin Klein, CHANEL, Creed, and Tom Ford, are some of the popular brands that you can check out on eBay.

What are some of the fragrances available for men?

Men’s fragrances are typically musky, smoky, or woodsy in nature. Musk is actually a specific element derived from an endangered animal. It can smell different depending on the specific type, age, and mixture. The scent often leaves a strong first impression followed by sweeter notes. Smoky fragrances are created by combining woodsy or mossy effects with other scents. Sometimes men’s fragrances use citrus or mint to break through heavier effects.

What are some of the fragrances available for women?

Varieties of floral and fresh fragrances are common options for fragrances marketed to women. Different varieties of flowers and fruits are combined to make products that mirror a bouquet with delicate and sweet notes. Sometimes, these floral fragrances are paired with contrasting spices or musk notes to mix things up. Fresh scents include hints of green tea, lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint, and different herbs to create the effect of nature in a lighthearted form.

How do you apply fragrance to your body?

During a shower, use unscented soap or body wash so that the effects of other products do not interfere with that of your cologne. Apply product to dry, moisturized skin, paying particular attention to feet, knees, elbows, collarbones, and neck. Apply the fragrance to these pulse points about five to seven inches away from bare, unclothed skin. Either spray the fragrance directly onto your skin, or dab it on using your fingers. Once your pulse points are wet with the product, let them dry naturally. You can also put perfume in your hair, behind your ears, down your back, and in your belly button to make the effect last longer. A little fragrance goes a long way; be tasteful about your application.

Why does a cologne work differently on each individual?

When perfume is sprayed or dabbed onto pulse points, the elixir blends with the skin. Different individuals have different body chemistry and hormone makeup, meaning that each person’s skin blends with perfume or cologne differently. This can cause varying results on each individual.

How do eau de parfum and eau de toilette differ?

Differences between formulas are merely a question of the concentration of oils that deliver the scent. Perfume and cologne have the highest concentration, then eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and lastly, eau de cologne. Each of these formulas can have the same type of oil and smell exactly alike. The difference would be the amount of each that it takes to have the same strength of aroma.