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Fox Racing Motor Apparel and Merchandise

Fox racing motor apparel is designed to fit riders by creating clothing that is made to look innovative and stylish with the use of quality materials. The company’s merchandise and brand-related products come in a range of styles and forms to appeal to different types of customers. With many clothing and accessory options available, understanding more about the brand and what it offers can help with making a purchase.

Who is Fox Racing?

Fox Racing is an extreme sports apparel and gear manufacturer founded in 1974. Named for the owner, Geoff Fox, the brand began as a motocross gear company that sported red, yellow, and orange clothing with a fox head logo. Since its inception, the company has expanded to a number of other sporting endeavors. It continues to make quality apparel for motocross and is a regular sponsor on the professional circuit.

What sports does Fox Racing make gear for?

This brand designs motocross racing gear and apparel for motorsport enthusiasts and those wanting to showcase the brand. The brand offers clothing for:

  • High-intensity sports
  • Motocross, dirt biking, and four-wheeling
  • BMX riding and mountain biking
  • Water sports like surfing, wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing
  • Casual wear and fan wear
What types of apparel does Fox Racing carry?

Fox Racing carries many different types of apparel. It designs multiple styles of the following clothing:

  • T-shirts
  • Jackets, coats, hoodies, or pullovers
  • Denim and pants
  • Shorts and swimwear
  • Belts, wallets, and accessories
What protective gear does Fox Racing make?

The brand has many different series styles and designs. Because Fox began as a motocross brand, it tends to create its clothing line to be durable enough to wear in high-intensity conditions. Below are a few common types of Fox protective gear:

  • Helmets for motorcycle riding (both motocross and dirt biking), BMX, and mountain biking
  • Boots for all the above-mentioned sports
  • Gloves for both bikes and motorbikes
  • Motocross and BMX shinguards
  • Chest protectors, neck protectors, spinal protection, motocross pants, and other armored padding
  • Custom team jerseys that are breathable for temperature control
  • Inclement weather gear for rainy-day riding
  • Goggles and masks for eye protection
  • Water bottles and hydration packs for long, hot rides
What sizes does Fox Racing Apparel carry?

Fox apparel comes in most standard sizes and is designed to fit a variety of different shapes and sizes. These sizes include juniors sizes ranging from XXS to XL and adult sizes from XXS to XXL. Fox racing apparel also carries youth apparel and sometimes even brand-name baby clothes. Its jerseys and racing gear also come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit many different athletic builds. Boots, shoes, belts, and pants also come in most standard sizes.

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