Flat Screen TV Buying Guide

Flat screen TVs have come down dramatically in price since they were initially introduced. There is a seemingly endless list of options available for people who are considering buying a flat screen for cheap. On eBay, you can find a wide variety of affordable flat screen TVs in one location that makes for a simple buying experience.

What should you know when buying a flat screen TV?

Some of the buying considerations include:

  • HDR Compatibility - High Dynamic Range is a newer concept in television and heightens the difference between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. This gives photographs real-life qualities that enhance the viewing experience.
  • HDMI Ports - Given the number of applications and other technologies that can be routed through televisions, it is important to be able to feed as many inputs as possible into the flat screen TV. Not only is it important to have enough ports, but it is also vital to have the right ports to support your technology.
  • Screen Size - This is one of the most obvious considerations for buyers. Prices on large flat screen TVs have gotten more affordable in recent years. Even a small flat screen TV gives a good picture. Small flat screen TVs can be as little as 20 inches. Large screen TVs can exceed 80 inches.
  • Refresh Rate - Given the advances in programming and technology, it is better to have a television that refreshes the picture often. Although the standard rate is 60 times per second, rates at 120 or higher give a better picture.
How does OLED TV relate to a flat screen TV?

This is a newer technology that is becoming desirable to have with a flat screen TV. This stands for organic light-emitting diode and it is an alternative to the LED televisions that have dominated the marketplace for years. These are compounds that illuminate when they receive electricity. This is a premium feature that is being included in more televisions, and these TVs can be found on eBay in addition to the standard LED TVs.