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Fender Bass Guitars

Founded in 1946, Fender offers music instruments and amps from vintage jazz to blues and rock and roll. Their guitars include electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and bass guitars. Look to Fender when considering your bass guitar options.

What are the parts of a bass guitar?

Fender bass guitars have three parts:

  • The Body - The bulkiest part of the bass guitar, the body comes in shapes like short or long, and its colors include black, white, cream, and red. The main purpose of the body is to house magnetic pickups that detect the sound of the vibrating strings. These vibrations are transferred as electronic pulses to an amplifier that converts the vibration to sound.
  • The Neck - The neck is the long fingerboard connected to the body of the guitar that the strings attach to. By pressing the strings against the neck, the user can alter the notes that the bass produces.
  • The Head - The standard head is attached to the end of the neck and anchors the other end of the strings, which are attached with pegs that allow the sound of the bass to be tuned.
What are the types of pickups for electric bass guitars?

There are primarily two types of pickups electric bass guitars use. All pickups include a magnet with a copper wire coiled around it. When the strings vibrate, they disturb the magnetic field of the magnet, sending small voltage through the copper wire and into the amplifier, which converts the vibrations into sound.

The first common type is the single-coil. A single-coil consists of one coil of copper wire wrapped around each magnet. This leads to bright, clear notes but can lead to extra noise and feedback. Double-coils are designed to combat that extra noise. Also known as humbuckers, double-coils have two separate coils of wire around a single magnet. It is also fairly common for the deluxe instrument to have two separate coils, each covering two separate strings. This is known as a split-coil.

What are the types of Fender bass guitars?
  • Fender Precision Bass Guitars - The Precision Bass guitar is an early and standard design by Fender. The Precision Bass features a split-coil pickup and a contoured, two-horn body. It also comes with a chunky neck.
  • Fender Jazz Bass Guitars - The Jazz Bass guitar by Fender has been around since the 1960s. The Jazz Bass uses two single-coils together that have separate knobs. The guitar comes with a slim neck.