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Eyeglass Frames

Your eyeglass frames are an indispensable accessory for both function and aesthetics. They also reflect a great deal of your personality. From retro to rimless, from aviator to cat-eye, the eyeglasses you wear are a testament to your style.

What styles of eyeglass frames suit which face shapes?

Choosing prescription eyeglasses and sunglass frames can be a mind-boggling experience. There are many styles and materials to choose from. Knowing a bit about how different frames complement different types of facial shapes and features can help you narrow your selection. Consult the following list to find the right fit for your face:

  • Oval faces: If you have a curved jawline that is narrower than your forehead, you have an abundance of options in terms of shapes. From square to rectangular to round, they can all work well with your face.
  • Round faces: Angular frames, including those with sharp square or rectangular lenses, are particularly suitable for round faces. If you want to give the appearance of a slimmer face, opt for lenses that are wider than they are tall.
  • Heart-shaped faces: If your face is narrower at the chin than at the forehead, stick with oval or round-shaped eyeglasses.
  • Diamond-shaped faces: If you have a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and an angular chin, try an oval or rimless frame.
  • Square faces: For people with wide foreheads and sharp jaw lines, round or oval lenses add balance to the face.

What are the benefits of titanium eyeglass frames?

This versatile material has the following benefits for wearers of glasses:

  • It is a strong, durable, yet lightweight material.
  • It resists rust and corrosion, so your frames will not be damaged by exposure to water.
  • It is hypoallergenic, so you will be less likely to experience skin irritation on your nose and the sides of your head
  • It is available in many colors.

How do you clean prescription eyeglass frames?

When dust, dirt, and oil accumulate on your eyeglass frames, use a simple procedure to brighten them up:

  • Moisten a clean, soft cloth with warm water and a bit of dish soap.
  • Applying gentle pressure, use the cloth to wipe away dirt and oil from your frame.
  • If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to gently brush away dirt and oil from the nose-pads and hinges of your glasses. Be careful to avoid touching toothbrush bristles to your lenses.
  • Dry your frames gently with a microfiber cloth.