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Essie Gel and Shellac Polish

Covering your nails with gel or shellac can make your nails stronger while allowing you to complement your style. With a rainbow of shades and a longwearing formula, Essie gel polish offers shimmer and multiple days of wear. Available in several formulas and finishes, these polishes allow nail polish fans to achieve a wide range of looks.

What are the features of gel nail polish?

Gel polish manicures offer color payoff and longevity. Here are some of the features offered by these polishes:

  • Shorter drying time: Traditional manicures often involve multiple layers of polish, from bonding base coats to the final top coat. Both lamp-cured and air-dry polishes tend to dry quicker than traditional formulas.
  • Longer wear: Gel polish colors are made of a photo-reactive ingredient system, which cures with artificial light to create a powerful bond. When applied correctly, the results can last up to two weeks.
  • Lasting shine: Using a gel polish allows you to create an intense, jewel-like sheen. Choosing a glossy top coat can enhance the nail color, keeping your manicure looking freshly painted for days or even weeks.
What are the different types of gel polishes?

Both UV-cured and lamp-free varieties are offered:

  • Essie Gel Color UV Soak-Off formula: This formula requires a UV lamp to cure it. Putting the gel polish under the lamp cures the formula, allowing it to create a hard shell on the nail.
  • Gel Couture line: Essie’s Gel Couture nail polish collection offers the same benefits of a traditional salon treatment without the hassle of a UV lamp. This line of nail color features a wide range of colors and finishes and a bonding top coat that provides the shine. Gel Couture polishes can be removed using a lint-free pad and traditional nail polish remover.
What nail polish finishes are available?

Beauty fans will find multiple nail polish styles to choose from when shopping for these products. These finishes include:

  • Shimmer
  • Metallic
  • Glitter
  • Color-changing
  • Matte
What is Soak-Off gel polish?

Soak-off polish is sometimes referred to as a "soft" formula. This type of polish can be removed at home using a nail file and acetone. Buff the shine using the nail file, and then secure acetone-soaked pads around each nail using aluminum foil. Allow the acetone to soak into the polish for at least 15 minutes.

What is shellac nail color?

Shellac was first invented by Creative Nail Design. Its formula is considered a hybrid of traditional nail color and gel. This product can be painted onto the fingernails just like regular nail color, without sculpting or filling. Shellac can be cured through UV light, allowing it to turn into a hard shell on the nail. Using shellac tends to be more gentle on your nails than an acrylic treatment.

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