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Eileen Fisher Women's Pants

Since 1984, Eileen Fisher has been producing women's pants in several styles and materials to accommodate a variety of needs. Some of their most common pants for women include ankle trousers in sizes such as petite and materials like silk, linen, or cotton. Some styles of women's pants may also include themes such as flowers or other patterns.

What sizes of ankle pants are there?

Pants for women often have separate measurements for their sizes. The first size deals with the actual body measurements the garment is meant to fit. Sizing options of this type include pants that are small, medium, or large. Other measurements in this category include numeric sizes and extra large and small sizes such as 1X or 2X. See manufacturer site for details. The inseam for ankle pants is measured separately from its other dimensions. Inseams can start at numbers as small as 20 and go up to 37 but may also receive designations such as short or long.

The next size consideration for women's pants includes garments that are made to fit general body types. Common options for these sizes include the following categories:

  • Junior ankle pants
  • Petite cotton pants
  • Plus-sized pants
  • Regular pants
  • Tall pants

What materials can you choose?

Whether you want regular pants or an alternative style such as ankle pants, many models from Eileen Fisher use several materials in their construction. Some of the most common materials you'll find in women's pants are described here:

  • 100% organic cotton or a blend
  • Linen in either pure linen or a blend
  • Silk blends that may include spandex materials
  • Polyester
  • Faux or real leather

What styles of women's pants are there?

There are several styles available for women's pants. Most of these styles will be available in a range of materials or sizes including those mentioned above. Different styles can also feature a particular pattern or thematic element depending on the specific pair of pants you choose. Some of the most common styles available for women's ankle and regular pants include the following:

  • Casual or silk dress pants
  • Khakis or chinos
  • Petite or wide-leg pants
  • Joggers or jegging pants
  • Relaxed fit or lounge trousers
  • Crepe pants

What themes are available for women's pants?

If you would like your pants to display a particular theme rather than just a solid color or pattern, you can choose from some of the following categories:

  • Flowers
  • Gypsy or hippie themes
  • Snakeskin
  • Shiny or metallic
  • Ripped or distressed patterns

What is the difference between woven and knit fabrics?

Pants for women can be made from either woven or knit materials. While it may be difficult to tell how these types of fabrics are different at first, there are a couple guidelines you can follow.

  • Woven fabrics are more rigid than knit fabrics and do not typically stretch.
  • Woven fabrics may include blends of stretchy material such as Spandex.