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A Guide to Buying a Dynaco Preamplifier

If you are in the market for a preamplifier that delivers dynamic sound quality, the Dynaco is what you need. The preamp delivers crisp, clean sound for those looking to boost their audio systems. eBay has a full listing of reasonably priced Dynaco preamps.

What are the different models of Dynaco amplifiers?

Dynaco has many vintage amplifiers to choose from. On eBay, they range in condition -- from refurbished to used. Some models have been fully restored and upgraded. Some available models on eBay may include:

  • Dynaco PAS - This amplifier has warm dynamics and a very smooth sound. It was one of the earliest introduced amplifiers. It came out in 1968.
  • Dynaco PAT 4 - This is a simple amplifier with a simple power supply. It also contains two transistors. It delivers clean sound.
  • Dynaco PAT 5 - Another retro preamplifier that has a lot of power. It is equipped with two tape recorders, tone controls, and a processing loop.
  • Dynaco ST70 - This is a high-quality preamplifier. The amplifier was revamped and reintroduced this past year. The amplifier is known for its rich and robust sound production.
What are Dynaco upgrade kits?

Dynaco upgrade kits are used to repair or upgrade your preamplifier. Although many of the parts for the kits are hard to find, you can find the parts and kits on eBay.

  • Dynaco PAS Power Supply Upgrade Kit #8
  • Dynaco PAS Z-Series Combo Upgrade Kit #9
  • Dynaco PAS AIKIDO Classic Line Preamp Upgrade Kit #5
  • Dynaco PAS 7-Way RCA Input-Output pcb Kit #14
  • Dynaco PAS Z-Series Preamp Upgrade Kit #2
What type of accessories are available for the preamplifiers?

Dynaco has a full list of new and pre-owned replacement parts available. Some available accessories may include:

  • Dynaco PAS Face Plates - This is a satin faceplate with aluminum. It is durable and has engravings etched onto the plates.
  • PAS Covers - This is an exact match for the PAS cover. It fits both new and used covers. The polyurethane color comes in black or brown. Ventilation slots on the cover are stylish. Mounting is available with the cover.
  • PAS Chassis - This part is a good fit for the Dynaco preamp. It has been redesigned for a more modern look. The pre-punching is an exact fit for the circuit board and buttons. There is an added mount on the base panel, and the rear panel has 120V outlets.
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