Doll Clothes & Fashion Accessories

Doll Clothes and Accessories

Children love dressing up their dolls. Having lots of outfits with lots of accessories is a big part of the fun. Even adult collectors never outgrow the challenge of hunting for that perfect look.

How do you find the right size doll clothes?

The first thing to know when looking for clothes is the type of doll you are shopping for. They can be grouped into three broad categories: baby doll, little girl doll, and fashion doll.

Baby dolls can be almost any size from tiny to life-size. If you do not know the brand name, measure the baby’s length. Baby dolls have very little shaping, so buying clothing that is the right length is often the critical factor.

Little girl dolls, like the American Girl, come in different heights and different thicknesses. 14-inch and 18-inch are common sizes, and some are categorized as “slim.” Knowing exactly which one you are trying to clothe will give you the right fit.

Fashion dolls are Barbie and similar types. From the vintage Barbies of the 60s to the newer Curvy and Petite options, there is a dizzying choice of body types and Barbie doll clothes available.

How old is the collector or player?

Are you buying clothes for a three-year old or an adult collector? For children, an important consideration is ease of dressing. Sleeveless fashions, stretch fabrics, and Velcro fastenings are all child-friendly.

Adult collectors are much more discriminating. They expect the clothes to fit properly. They may even limit their choices to fashions from a particular era. Adults can also handle complicated styles and fastenings that require patience and fine motor skills.

What is the difference between mass-market and OOAK clothes?

There are three general categories of clothing: mass-market, handmade, and one-of-a-kind (OOAK). Mass-market includes everything manufactured in volume. For long-standing brands, like Barbie, you can further divide this into eras like vintage or mod. You will find standardized appearance and quality for fashions that were manufactured at the same time.

Handmade doll clothes are created individually, but the crafter could make a dozen that are exactly the same. You can find sewn, knitted, and crocheted outfits for Barbie and other dolls.

One-of-a-kind pieces are individually crafted and are not duplicated. If you want an exquisitely beaded dress or a unique, cabled Barbie sweater, OOAK is the way to go.

What should you look for in accessories?

Size is just as important for accessories as it is for clothing. Some items, like purses or hats, can be a little too big or too small. Shoes, on the other hand, need to fit.

Baby dolls, little girl dolls, and Barbie dolls have feet of different sizes within their categories. If you aren’t sure about size, soft shoes like knitted slippers or crocheted Mary Jane shoes are easily adaptable.