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Doll Furniture

There are numerous pieces of doll furniture to choose from for your baby doll or dollhouse. When you begin looking for furniture, you must consider the size of your doll, your personal style, and durability of the furniture. Main and accessory pieces are widely available in a variety of colors and materials.

How do you choose doll furniture?

When choosing furniture, you should take into account the dolls you have and what you would like those dolls to do. If you want to put a standard size baby doll to sleep at night, you can choose from cribs and cradles. If you have a dollhouse to fill, there are as many types of furniture for it as there are for your own home. You can make your choices based on your style preferences after taking a look at what is available for the size doll or dollhouse that you own.

What are some common doll furniture items?
  • Cribs and beds: Most dolls that children play with are toy babies that need places to sleep. Cribs or beds with pretty blankets to place over the dolls are the most common furniture items.
  • Bedroom sets: Doll furniture, like real-life furniture, is often purchased in sets. For example, a bedroom set consists of a bed, a nightstand, and possibly a vanity.
  • Living room sets: A living room set includes a couch, two chairs, and a coffee table or two. Accessories might include miniature art, vases, and fake plants.
  • Tables: Along with a kitchen table, nightstand tables and coffee tables are standard furniture.
  • Wardrobes: These handy pieces of baby doll furniture will hold all of your doll's clothes and keep them organized.
What are the standard sizes of doll furniture?

Doll furniture has a few different standard sizes depending on the type of doll you have. Fifteen-inch dolls are trendy and children enjoy playing with them. Dollhouse sizes range in scale from 1:6 to 1:12, which means every inch is equal to six or twelve feet respectively.

What types of materials are used to make doll furniture?

Doll furniture needs to be sturdy so that it will endure hours of creative play. Natural materials like wood and fabric are used to make both dollhouse furniture and play furniture for larger size baby dolls. Injection mold plastics, which can be used to make almost anything, are another accepted type of material for toy furniture.