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DV by Dolce Vita Sandals and Flip-Flops for Women

Warm weather offers the opportunity to wear comfortable, stylish sandals and flip-flops. Dolce Vita was formed in 2001 by two Manhattan-based designers, and quickly shot to fame with its stylish and fun shoe designs. With great comfort and style, DV by Dolce Vita sandals and flip-flops can be great footwear for a trip to the beach.

What sandals and flip-flops does DV by Dolce Vita offer?

DV by Dolce Vita offers a wide selection of sandals and flip-flops for women to suit different styles, moods, or occasions. DV by Dolce Vita shoes are made from quality materials like canvas, leather, patent leather, rubber, and suede. DV shoes offer everything from dressy, strappy heels for special occasions to simple, fun slides for laid-back days out. The company has designed sandals in different styles, including espadrilles, flat sandals, gladiator, mules, platforms, slides, wedges, and more. With everything from low to no heel all the way to high heels, and a full slate of colors, there are DV by Dolce Vita sandals and flip-flops for most outings and activities.

How do you clean and store Dolce Vita footwear?
  • Cleaning rubber or plastic sandals: First, rinse the shoes off using warm water. Next, sprinkle them with baking soda. Wait five minutes and then scrub any dirt and grime from the shoes, including the soles, with an old, soft toothbrush. Baking soda both cleans and deodorizes.
  • Cleaning suede shoes: Use a small amount of mild, clear dish soap to clean the insoles, then scrub gently with an old, soft toothbrush. Rinse with warm water to finish.
  • Cleaning leather flip-flops and sandals: Saddle soap is a good cleaning agent for leather. Apply a small amount with a damp cloth, wait a few minutes, and then buff dry.
How do you buy sandals and flip-flops?
  • Know your size: Be sure you know the measurement of your feet. Feet can change in size over the years, so its a good idea to measure your feet at least once a year. When trying on other shoes, you determine the fit by how your foot fills the shoe. With sandals, thats not the case, so its important to make sure you have a little extra room. If you have sandals that fit well, stand in them and consider how they fit in length, pressure points, and how they feel. Then you can use them as a guide in selecting new DV sandals or flip-flops.
  • High-quality materials: What the sandals or flip-flops are made of matters. Flimsy, synthetic materials can irritate your feet and only hold up for a handful of wearings. If they hold water, they could harbor bacteria or lead to foot fungus. Natural fibers, good-quality leather, and bacteria-resistant rubber will not only be more comfortable, but be healthier choices.
  • Body shape: Consider your body shape and select sandals or flip-flops that will enhance or complement you. Gladiator sandals feature vertical ties that give the appearance of legs that are longer and slimmer. Single ankle strap heels or sandals make legs appear shorter and draw attention to the ankles.
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