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DV by Dolce Vita Shoes for Women

Two Manhattan-based designers started Dolce Vita in 2001 to make shoes for the fashion world. Dolce Vita has put out several collections, including their DV collection. The DV by Dolce Vita collection offers options including fashionable boots, pumps, sandals, and more in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.

What types of shoes does DV by Dolce Vita offer?

DV by Dolce Vita offers a selection of footwear for any occasion. A few of the styles available from this shoe line are listed below:

  • Shani: This shoe in the DV collection from Dolce Vita is a strappy caged bootie with a four-inch covered heel, cushioned footbed, and man-made lining.
  • Lucianna: The Lucianna boot, which is made from polished leather with a fabric lining, is designed to be pulled on and off easily. It features additional strap-and-buckle details.
  • Vesta: The Vesta sandals from DV by Dolce Vita have leather uppers, buckle closures, an open-toe design, and studded accents.
  • Jonee: A two-tone sandal, the Jonee has a round open toe with a platform wedge heel.
How do you care for your DV shoes?
  • Take turns: Alternate wearing your pumps or booties to give them time to breathe between wearings and to dry out if they've been worn in humid or rainy weather. Make sure they are dry before storing them in your closet.
  • Keep them clean: It's important to keep your shoes clean. Cleaning the insides is just as important as the outsides, and a bit of alcohol or tea-tree oil, which acts as an anti-fungal agent, may be appropriate for use on some shoes.
  • Socks and stockings: Wearing hosiery and socks will protect your footwear's interior.
  • Leather: Clean your leather with a soft, dampened cloth. On occasion, use leather cream or conditioner. Don't store your shoes in direct sunlight or near heat.
  • Suede: For cleaning, dab gently with a dampened cloth. Use suede and nubuck cleaner, carefully following product directions. Suede and nubuck protector may also be used. Brush the nap of your suede in the same direction for consistent color. Don't store your shoes in direct sunlight or near heat sources.
What boots are in the DV by Dolce Vita collection?

The Dolce Vita collection has a wide array of boots that have varying heights, with styles representing each of the following:

  • Ankle: Among the ankle booties in the DV collection from Dolce Vita are the Sam perforated booties, the Lira peep-toe booties with cutouts that lace up, and the Bailey suede ankle boots
  • Knee-high: The knee-high boots in the DV by Dolce Vita collection include the Myste suede boots, the Morey boots, and the Gage leather pull-on boots.
  • Over the knee: Some of the over-the-knee boots in the collection include the Ohanna suede heeled boots, the Marilyn leather boots, and the Kitt flat boots.
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