Disney Finding Nemo Games

Finding Nemo, the animated Disney and Pixar film about a lost clownfish, has its own video game. To accompany the movie's release in 2003, Traveller's Tales created an action-adventure game where players can explore the underwater environment. Finding Nemo allows gamers to play as one of the three main characters: Nemo, Marlin, or Dory.

What is the gameplay like?

As one of the three playable characters, gamers swim their way through each aquatic level. Finding Nemo has gamers play increasingly difficult mini-games and puzzles to advance through levels. With each stage completed, the player can watch a clip from the movie that the chapter was based on.

What other characters are in the Finding Nemo video game?

The Tank Gang is the group of fish stuck in the dentist's fish tank that Nemo gets stuck in. Gill is the leader of the Tank Gang. The group includes Bloat, the puffer fish, Jacques, the French shrimp, and Peach, the starfish. Bruce is a great white shark who intends to trick Marlin and Dory into getting eaten by him and his shark friends. Crush is a turtle who is an ally to the main characters.

What is the storyline of the video game?

The game's storyline mirrors the plot of the Finding Nemo movie. It starts with Marlin and Coral, a couple of clownfish who are waiting for their eggs to hatch. One day, a barracuda takes Coral and the eggs away. The father is left alone with one egg, which he names Nemo. The baby clownfish is born with one small fin.

Years later, Marlin takes Nemo to his first day of school. In a turn of events, a fishing boat captures Nemo. His father goes on a mission to find Nemo, meeting characters like Dory and Crush along the way. Dory consistently sticks around in a sidekick role for the rest of the story.

Which video game systems can Finding Nemo be played on?

Gamers can play the video game on three consoles, one handheld device, and one computer operating system. The three consoles are the Nintendo GameCube, the original Microsoft Xbox, and the Sony PlayStation 2. Like many other Xbox games, it is also available to play on Microsoft Windows computers. A portable version is available for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. This version is also compatible with the Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite.

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