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Making the Most of Dell AMD Athlon PC Desktops

The Dell AMD Athlon PC is a desktop that offers a variety of features that make it suitable for personal or business purposes. Different accessories, such as plug-and-play items, can be used with this desktop computer. Thanks to its Intel features, a wide range of programs can be used simultaneously with this PC.

Which version of Windows does Dell AMD Athlon use?

This Dell PC uses Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit). Windows 7 includes six editions: Enterprise, Home Premium, Starter, Professional, Home Basic, and Ultimate. The Windows 7 Home Premium features Windows Media Center, which allows you to listen to music, watch movies, view pictures, and record digital media. With AMD features, an Intel processor, and a lot of hard-drive space, this PC has much to offer anyone who uses it.

How many GB are available on the AMD hard drive?

There are 500GB available on the Dell AMD Athlon PC. This is enough space to store many different types of files, including movies, pictures, music, documents, and more. You can view these files, listen to music, and watch movies without malfunctions due to the Intel processing speed. The 500GB designation denotes precisely 536,870,912,000 bytes of space. Whether you're using this computer for personal or business purposes, you have more than enough GB on this hard drive. If you're using this PC for personal needs, the average use of space is 250-300 GB. If you're using this PC for business purposes, the average use of space is 300-500 GB.

Which GHz processor does this Dell AMD Athlon computer have?

This Dell PC used a 3GHz Athlon II X2 Dual Core 250 Intel processor. Its performance is measured in GHz (gigahertz). A 3GHz processor allows you to do more things at once and even play certain games. This 3GHz processor is quick and offers great power efficiency. Architecture features for this processor include HyperTransport technology, AMD64 technology, and an integrated memory controller. The form factor for this processor is Socket AM3. The quick processor enables smooth multitasking functions. This Dell PC uses the DDR3 (double data rate) interface.

How much RAM is available on this Dell AMD PC?

This PC has 4GB of RAM. With this amount of memory, you can:

  • Conduct basic document work for personal and business use
  • View large documents and engage in heavy multitasking with basic multitab browsing
  • Stream audio and video, edit photos, and enjoy low-end gaming

Does this Dell AMD computer internet access?No, you do not have to use the internet on this Dell AMD PC. Many of the default system programs work without internet access and work quickly thanks to its Intel features. The computer can be set up and used without an internet connection. When you are setting up this PC, skip the wireless connection and internet setup option, and the computer will continue to install default programs and other instances as it normally would. If you plan on streaming video and music, these features require an internet connection.