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DecoPac Other Baking Accessories and Cake Decorating

Serving great desserts involves flavor, but the presentation and visual appeal are also important factors. DecoPac and other companies provide bakers with the products they need to add those extra design elements. These come in many different forms from princess or diploma toppers to realistic frosting flowers.

What is DecoPac?

Based in Anoka, Minnesota, DecoPac is a major supplier of professional-grade bakery ornaments. The company sells cake toppers and cupcake rings for events like weddings and birthday parties. These are inserted into the cake for placement stability. Most DecoPac toppers are made out of plastic although some are designs are edible. Retail bakeries often use DecoPac products for their desserts.

What are common themes for cake decorations?

Whatever the occasion, there is a decoration appropriate for the theme or situation. While these specialty cakes are common at childrens parties featuring favorite cartoons, they are equally common additions to retirement parties and holiday functions. Possible themes include the following:

  • Childrens fictional characters: These include those in Disney and DreamWorks movies as well as superheroes and television characters like the Power Rangers or Paw Patrol.
  • Generic items: These can relate to the celebrated person or event like footballs, palm trees, happy faces, or crowns.
  • Landscapes: These consist of a set of trinkets along a theme. For a golfer, the kit could include a mini golfer, a green, flag, golf bag, tee box, and even a blue piece representing water.
  • Sports team: These mascots and colors are enjoyable especially during the playoffs and Super Bowl.
  • Signs: These are often found in cupcakes with messages like \"Congrats\" or \"Happy Birthday.\"
Are DecoPac and other cake decorations safe?

The plastic used by DecoPac and other companies is food grade, which prevents any chemicals from leaking into the dessert. Cupcake rings are safe to use by anyone over three years old.

What are some edible cake decorating ideas?

Some cake decorating can involve only food products. These techniques involve writing and drawing with frosting and also using prepackaged sugar decorations. DecoPac and other suppliers offer different food-based cake ornaments.

  • Decorative sugars: These come in variety of bright colors as well as some gold and silver metallic types that shimmer like glitter.
  • Sugar confetti multi-packs: These consist of different styles of sugar toppings like pearls, candy-covered mini almonds, sugar confetti, and sprinkles.
  • Sea shell and starfish: These sugar pieces can be painted with food coloring.
  • Icing sheets: These are printed with a custom design like a team logo or message. This sheet is then unrolled over a base layer of frosting. These stay fresh for up to four weeks and provide an easy way to add an intricate design to cakes.
What is fondant?

A combination of gelatin, sugar, water, and eggs, fondant is a thick frosting-like material that is easy to sculpt and holds its shape. Many cake decorators use this for decorating intricate wedding cakes and creating lifelike designs. For the home baker, DecoPac offers pre-molded shapes as well as tubs of fondant for custom patterns.